KCC teammates ‘All-Star overtime’ for the first time in 23 years… 51 points for MVP

Professional basketball player Busan KCC Choi Joon-yong won the third extra-time battle of the All-Star Game after a fierce battle with his teammate Heo Woong. Jamil Warney and Choi Joon-yong, who played together for the Seoul SK Wyverns until last season, shone.

The colt team, led by LG coach Cho Sang-hyun, defeated the Kblmong team led by Wonju DB coach Kim Joo-sung 135-128 at the 2023-24 professional basketball All-Star Game held at Sono Arena in Goyang on the 14th. The two teams failed to make a decision until the fourth quarter, and thus held the All-Star overtime for the first time in 23 years since the 2001-02 season.라바카지노도메인

Warnie, who displayed robust performance with 51 points and 14 rebounds, received 53 votes out of 86 valid votes in the reporters’ vote to win the MVP award. He displayed outstanding concentration by scoring three outstanding batters in a row in overtime. Choi, who struggled with opposing team captain Huh Woong from the first quarter, recorded a triple-double (more than double digits in three indicators) with 19 points, 13 rebounds and 14 assists.

After the game, Warnie said, “I went forward to receive the award as a joke because I convinced my teammates that I was the MVP. I’m so happy that I got chosen. It was different for me to run with Choi Jun-yong after a long time. I’ve been hanging out with him for a few days, and I think we’ll get closer through this opportunity.”

Heo Woong and Didrick Lawson (DB) fought hard with 34 points and 32 points, respectively. Last All-Star MVP Ha Yoon-ki (Suwon kt) had 15 points and seven rebounds, and rookie Yoo Ki-sang (LG) also had 16 points, including four three-point shots, but failed to stop Warnie in the final match.

Warney and Choi Joon-yong exchanged passes, spearheading the mood in the early days of the game. Hur scored a shot despite pressure from Choi. In the second quarter, Heo Il-young (SK) and Daryl Monroe (Anyang Jeonggwanjang) held up the whistle for the umpire. Gong, who did not give in to umpire Heo Il-young’s sabotage, widened the gap in the first half to 10 points with dunks from Kim Jong-gyu (DB) and Choi Jun-yong.

In the second half, his team had a teacher-student showdown. Kim Ju-seong, who was wearing a player’s uniform, scored a shot under the basket, beating Kim Jong-kyu. In contrast, Cho Sang-hyun, the head coach of the team, lost a point in fastballs, as he fell down in a physical fight with Lee Kwan-hee (LG). Lawson balanced by making three consecutive three-point shots to extend the game, but gave Warney the chance to win.

Lee Keun-hwi (KCC) beat Andrew Nicholson (Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) to win the three-point contest, which was held after the first quarter. The king of dunk was won by Kt Paris Bath. Bath made a turn in the air, passed the ball through his crotch, and inserted dunk to receive 10 points from all five judges.

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