China, which cannot go to the 16th round, and Lebanon, which is ranked 107th in the FIFA rankings, are tied 0-0 in shock… The final match, Qatar, the host country, → There is a possibility of elimination from the group league

China has faced difficulties in the group league. The team only had draws with Tajikistan (106th in the FIFA rankings) and Lebanon (107th in the FIFA rankings), which it considered inferior to one another. Although the team is ranking second in Group A, its final group match is Qatar as the host country. If it loses to Qatar, it will effectively fail to advance to the round of 16.랭크카지노도메인

The Chinese national team (79th in the FIFA rankings) drew 0-0 with Lebanon (107th in the FIFA rankings) in the second Group A match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup at Al-Tumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar, at 8:30 p.m. on the 17th (Korea time).

Lack of decision-making power seems to be a chronic disease in China. China attempted 15 shots at the match against Lebanon. China had seven effective shots, half of which resulted in three big chances. However, the team failed to open the net for Lebanon, and remained in a scoreless draw.

Simply looking at the record of the match, China should have won. China was ahead of Lebanon in many aspects including shooting (15 vs. 12), effective shooting (7 vs. 5), possession rate (61 vs. 39), pass count (458 vs. 313), pass success rate (75 vs. 69), and corner kick (8 vs. 3). However, China had to play hard to close the gate.

Qatar won the Qatar vs. Tajikistan after the China vs. Lebanon match. As of the end of the second round, Qatar (6 points), China (2 points), Tajikistan (1 point) and Lebanon (1 point) are in the order of A.

In the final group match, Qatar vs. China and Lebanon vs. Tajikistan will face off. China is in a situation where it has to worry about elimination. No matter how much Qatar has confirmed its advance to the round of 16 with No. 1 ranking in its group, it will not easily donate points as it is a tournament held in its own country. In addition, although Qatar’s possibility of rotation is high, it has a one-week break until the final group match and the round of 16 match, so it is not possible to rule out the possibility of using the starting lineup for continuity of its performance.

In this tournament, the third place in the group can also advance to the round of 16. Only the top four teams out of the six groups can advance as wild cards. If China draws or loses to Qatar, and if one of Lebanon vs. Tajikistan wins, China will fall to the third place in the group. As of the last tournament, three points were the final points to advance to the wild card, but we cannot rest assured that Lebanon, which had three points, was eliminated from the fair play score. If China draws, it may keep its hope alive with three points, but if it loses, it will be effectively eliminated with two points.

In other words, China must win against Qatar in order to achieve a stable round of 16. Otherwise, it should hope for a draw and a tie between Lebanon and Tajikistan. Or, even if China loses, a 0-0 draw between Tajikistan and Lebanon could lead to a difference in gains and losses.

China launched a 5-3-2 formation against Lebanon. Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei built a two-top, while Dai Yuichun, Wang Sangyuan and Xu Xin stepped up to the midfield. Liu Yang, Zhu Chen Jie, Zhang Guangtai, Zhang Linfeng, and Liu Bin formed a defensive team, and Yan Jun Ling wore goalkeeper gloves.

Against this, Lebanon put forward a 3-4-1-2 formation. Hasan Matuk, Omar Bougiel, and Vasel Zradi aimed at the opponent’s goal. Hasan Thrur and Ali Tenehi were in charge of the midfield, while Maher Sabra and Hussein Al Jain were placed at both wing-backs. Qasem al-Jane, Nur Mansour and Khalil Kamis were in the back three, and Mostafa Matar defended the goal.

As China went 0-0, the strikers and midfielders received disastrous ratings. Football statistics media “Footmob” gave Zhang Yuning 6.2 points, Wu Lei 6.3 points, Daiwaichun 6.3 points, Wang 6.8 points, and Xu Xin 6.5 points. “Sopa Score” also gave Zhang Yuning 6.9, Wu Lei 6.2 points, Daiwaichun 6.5 points, Wang 6.7 points, and Xu Xin 6.6.

It can be seen as a humiliation to receive such a rating against a team with a difference of 28 spots in FIFA ranking.

China even managed to tie the match with “lucky goal.” In the 5th minute of extra time in the first half, Lebanon’s Matuk made a shot after penetrating from the left side to the center. The ball hit the crossbar.

In addition, in the seventh minute of the second half, Thurr, who received a pass from Lebanon’s Zradi, curled it in front of the penalty box. The ball hit the crossbar and went up.

Rather, it was the right game to see that Lebanon missed three points.

Lebanon opened the door. In the 6th minute of the first half, a long throw-in attempt was made from the left, and Kamis shot a back header. However, the ball fell into the arms of goalkeeper Yan Jun Ling.

There was a dizzying scene. In the 13th minute of the first half, Kamis hit Daiwaichun’s face with a stud in the right side of Lebanon. VAR was activated, but no action was taken against Kamis. This is because offside was declared in the previous scene.

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