“KBO will be the best.” Samsung’s new family Reyes, 54 wins. Should I erase the memory of ace Buchanan

Denny Reyes (28), who became a new member of Samsung instead of David Buchanan, who played as an ace for the Samsung Lions until last year, expressed his desire to become the best player in the KBO League and contribute to Samsung’s victory.헤라카지노도메인

Samsung sought to negotiate a renewal of contract with Buchanan, who had been its ace player for four years since 2020, but failed to reach an agreement. Instead, Samsung signed terms with Reyes worth a total of 800,000 dollars, including 100,000 dollars in down payment, 500,000 dollars in annual salary and 200,000 dollars in option.

Reyes from the Dominican Republic showed strong performance against left-handed hitters based on his outstanding physique of 193 centimeters tall and 115 kilograms. The team assessed that the team will display competitive edge in the KBO League, which accounts for a large portion of left-handed hitters.

He pitched on the mound nine times as a member of the New York Mets last year, and pitched in 20 games to pitch 91 ⅔s in the Minor League. He throws fastballs with an average speed of 147 kilometers and a maximum speed of 150 kilometers, and sliders, changeups, and cutters. Notably, he excels in two-seam fastballs, which are optimized for robot referees.

In particular, the WHIP and BB/9, which are representative records showing the stability of a pitcher, are excellent. Reyes displayed stable game management with his WHIP (per-inning on-base allowed rate) of 1.13 in the Minor League, while his BB/9 (nine-inning number of walks allowed) was 1.6.

Reyes said on the club’s official YouTube channel, “I would like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to be a member of the great team called Samsung this season,” adding, “We are preparing hard to show 100% of our ability this season.”

Reyes said about his goals for this season, “I want to be the best player in the KBO League and be a player who helps Samsung win,” adding, “I think that way, it can help the team win the championship.”

Meanwhile, Samsung plans to advance the timing of its arrival so that Connor Seabold (registered name Connor) and Reyes, who will determine the fate of Samsung’s starters this season, can adapt well to the domestic stage.

Rather than joining the Okinawa camp in Japan, he is planning to work with players in self-training at Daegu Samsung Lions Park and cross to the Okinawa camp in Japan with the team.

“Connor and Reyes will come to Korea early to adjust to the domestic stage. Wouldn’t it be helpful for them to adjust to the situation if they come in advance and work together with players who are self-training at Lapak? “The dice have already been thrown, and it is our role to make them do well?” said Lee Jong-yeol.

Regarding the reason for choosing Connor and Reyes, he explained, “I chose a starting pitcher who threw fast balls and was supported by his control,” adding, “I chose a pitcher who threw two-seam fastballs and slider systems and became a corner work in line with the introduction of robot referees.”

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