Uzbekistan’s Husanov, ‘Asian center back behind Kim Min-jae,’ makes a successful Asian Cup debut by leading two games without allowing a point

If Kim Min-jae is the best star defender among all participating teams in this tournament, the most promising defender is 20-year-old European player Abdukodir Husanov of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, which has a strong defense, is cruising without allowing a point for two consecutive games despite its unstable offensive power.

Uzbekistan, which played its second Group B match at the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium in Alayan, Qatar, won a 3-0 victory over India on the 18th (Korea time).

Uzbekistan, which was concerned about a 0-0 draw despite the gap in power in the previous match against Syria, was not difficult to defeat India, the weakest team in the group. Uzbekistan, which has one win and one draw, ranked second in the group after Australia, the strongest team in the group. If the team wins more than a draw against Australia in the final group match, it will be confirmed that it will advance to the round of 16, and even if it loses, it is highly likely that it will advance to the round of 16.

It is difficult to raise the defense too much because the opponent’s offense is still weak, but it is a good news that Husanov, who Uzbekistan expects the most, has successfully made his debut and gained experience.

Husanov is the only big league player in Uzbekistan. He moved to French club Lance this season and is competing to become a starting member.랭크카지노도메인

The best star in his team is Eldor Shomurodov, who originally plays for Cagliari in Italy. However, as the captain and leading scorer Shomurodov with 38 A-matches and brilliant goals was absent from the finals due to injury, there is only one player left to play in the five major leagues.

Husanov is also the first player in Uzbekistan’s history to qualify for the French Ligue 1. Uzbekistan has recently shown a noticeable rise in various age groups, and has also clashed with South Korea in various tournaments. Last year, Uzbekistan and South Korea also met in the semifinals of the U20 Asian Cup, where Uzbekistan survived a penalty shootout after a 0-0 draw. Husanov was the winner.

Hussanov started his professional career with Energic BGU Minsk in Belarus and showed his willingness to go to Europe from the beginning, and succeeded in advancing to the big league this season. Lance is a team that has improved its scouting ability enough to finish second in French Ligue 1 in the previous season, and Hussanov’s potential was high.

Fusanov is evaluated as a modern center back with not only defense capability and coverage but also ability to handle and pass balls. After debuting as a member of Uzbekistan’s A team in June last year, he immediately took the starting position and is participating in the Asian Cup. He is a representative rising star who can make his name known through this year’s event.

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