Reala barely won 3-2?… ‘We’re a 5-1 win!’ returns to first place

Five hours after Real Madrid struggled to rise to the top, Girona easily regained the top spot.월카지노도메인

Girona had a 5-1 victory in the 21st round of Spain’s La Liga in the 2023-24 season held at Estadi Montilibi, located in Girona, Spain, at 5 a.m. on the 22nd (Korea time). Girona had 16 wins, 4 draws and 1 loss (52 points), reclaiming the top spot by beating Real Madrid.

Girona’s meteoric rise is more than just a moment. Girona, which ranked 10th last season, is dominating La Liga this season. In Korea, Girona, which was known only as a team where Baek Seung-ho used to stay or a club affiliated with Manchester City, is dominating La Liga this season.

Girona, which was competing for the title in the first half of the year, has continued its power even after entering the second half. It is fiercely competing with Real Madrid for the title, and has a wide gap with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Sevilla, once the “Dark Horse” of La Liga, will have to hand over the post to Girona, however. Sevilla suffered a humiliating 1-5 defeat at home to Girona.

From Girona’s perspective, the game resulted in both performance and performance. Based on “Huscoord,” the soccer statistics medium, Artem Dovevik took the lead with 55.1 percent of possession and shot 12 times. Artem Dovevik, who recently attracted attention from Chelsea and others, scored a hat-trick in the 19th minute of the first half, while Viktor Cigankov and Christian Stuani scored additional goals to clinch the 5-1 victory.

Girona returned to the top spot. Just five hours after Real struggled to move up to first place, its ranking changed. It was futile for Real. Their victory was barely there. Real, who faced Almeria at home, lost two goals in the first half and were pulled to 0-2. However, they came from behind to score a dramatic 3-2 comeback, starting with Jude Bellingham’s comeback goal and Vinicius Junior and Dani Carvajal’s goals in the second half. But for a moment of joy, Girona brought Real back to second place with his overwhelming performance.

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