Second Lee Jung-hoo’s candid confession, “Too big a person. I can’t compare myself. So I don’t feel any pressure.”

“Lee Jung-hoo is such a big person. I don’t think there is any comparison at all.”

Kiwoom Heroes’ best homework for the 2024 season is to fill Lee Jung-hoo’s vacancy. Lee Jung-hoo, who reigned as the best hitter in the KBO League and was held by the San Francisco Giants in the U.S. Major League. As the total ransom of $113 million (about 151 billion won) suggests, Lee Jung-hoo was a special resource that no one could replace.헤라카지노

The fact that Lee Jung-hoo, who used to be the best player in any position whether it was No. 1 or No. 3, is missing means that Kiwoom needs to take out the “car” from its talent and see the game. However, Kiwoom fans are not disappointed. This is because the “second Lee Jung-hoo” is preparing for his performance.

The hero is Lee Ju-hyung. He left the LG Twins last season to wear the Kiwoom uniform through a Choi Won-tae trade, and Kiwoom, who recognized Lee’s batting talent, immediately sent him to the leadoff. The result was a huge success. He finished the season with 70 hits, 326 runs, six homers and 36 RBIs. He is ready to replace Lee Jung-hoo as the key hitter at Kiwoom.

He has many similarities to Lee Jung-hoo. He has a small physique of right-handedness. However, he has good strength from his inner muscles. His batting skills stand out. He used to be an infielder when he was an amateur, but his defense was weak compared to his batting skills, and he turned to an outfield. With his baseball sense, he can cover outfield defense. They are typically good hitters and runners. That’s why many people call him the “second Lee Jung-hoo.”

If so, wouldn’t the person concerned feel burdened with this evaluation? Lee Ju-hyung laughed, saying, “The posterior type is too big a person. I can’t compare myself. So I don’t even care. The fans say it well, but it’s not a burden because I know myself.”

Lee Ju-hyung got the opportunity right after the trade last year because Lee Jung-hoo was ruled out due to his injury. He was on the same team for a short time, but he couldn’t play baseball together. “It would have been great if I played with Jung-hoo, but that’s too bad. He’s my role model. He’s the most unrivaled of the star players in recent years. I want to be treated well and play baseball like that,” Lee said confidently.

Then, does Lee have big dreams like Lee Jung-hoo? “Players have big dreams from an early age. But I am a player who has to do what’s in front of me right now. I think if you start with small things, you can achieve big things. If you don’t be in a hurry and improve your skills step by step, someday I will be able to go to a higher position. I will focus only on the goal of playing as many games as possible,” Lee said.

“My biggest goal is to play in all games. I want to hit double-digit home runs, 20 stolen bases, and .300,” Lee said of his new season goal. If he hits .300, double-digit home runs, and 20 steals, Lee Jung-hoo will not be able to feel the vacancy.

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