Will DB and Hyundai Mobis, which were all the same results in all three showdowns, be different this time?

DB won all three showdowns against Hyundai Mobis.

Wonju DB is the strongest team in this season. It has solid balance of offense and defense to secure No. 1. The gap between second place and defense is 3.5 games. In order to widen the gap, more wins are needed.라바카지노주소

Meanwhile, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis is between consecutive wins and losses. It has recorded two consecutive wins after two consecutive losses. However, it lost 114 points in the last game, which was a crushing defeat. Under such circumstances, I met DB.

DB who laughed in a one-two punch match

[DB-Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, comparing the record of recent showdowns] (DB is in front)

  1. 2-point shooting success rate: approximately 62% (28/45) – approximately 51% (26/51)
  2. 3-point shooting success rate: approximately 52% (11/21) – approximately 39% (9/23)
  3. Free throw success rate: about 68% (13/19) – about 87% (13/15)
  4. Rebound: 26 (Attack 4)-36 (Attack 16)
  5. Assist: 17-14
  6. Turnover: 11-15
  7. Steel: 11-9
  8. Block shot: 5-4
  9. Scores by fastball: 14-16
  10. Scores by Turnover: 20-16

DB took the lead from the beginning of the game. Lee Sun-bano (185 cm, G) and Didrick Lawson (206 cm, F), who had one-two punches, dominated the court. Albano had 11 points and three rebounds from the first quarter, while Lawson had seven points. In contrast, Hyundai Mobis players did not score easily. Afterwards, Gage Prim (204 cm, C) scored 29 points, and fought hard. However, other players did not clearly show support for scoring. Notably, Lee Woo-seok (196 cm, G), who is supposed to play the role of ace, only threw 10 shots.
On the contrary, Albano and Lawson, DB’s one-two punch, performed tremendously. Lawson scored 36 points and Albano scored 25 points and 6 assists. DB won the game by sweeping the one-two punch battle.

DB strong against Hyundai Mobis, will it be the same this time?

[The results of the last 3 games]

  1. 2024.01.17. vs Busan KCC (Sajik Indoor Stadium, Busan): 87-84 (win)
  2. 2024.01.19. vs Seoul SK (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 68-76 (lost)
  3. 2024.01.21. vs Changwon LG (Wonju General Gymnasium): 93-73 (Wonju)

[The results of Hyundai Mobis’ last 3 games]

  1. 2024.01.18. vs. Seoul SK (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 97-94 (win)
  2. 2024.01.20 vs. Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium): 91-88 (win)
  3. 2024.01.21 vs Anyang Jeonggwanjang (Anyang Indoor Gymnasium): 90-114 (lost)

DB is the strongest team in the league this season. Its season performance is 27 wins and seven losses. It has a whopping 79 percent win rate. It has an edge over all teams except SK in Seoul. In particular, it is showing stronger performance against Hyundai Mobis. He is the only team in the top six teams that has not lost a game. Every game was not a perfect victory. However, he has shown strong performance in the competition zone and has won three consecutive games. Recently, the team atmosphere is good, too. Although it was hit by SK, it beat LG by 20 points.
On the contrary, Hyundai Mobis met a difficult opponent in a difficult situation. Hyundai Mobis’ performance is 16 wins and 17 losses. It is in 6th place. As it is participating in the playoff competition, it is desperate to win. However, in the last game, it lost 114 points to Jeonggwanjang from the beginning. It is noteworthy whether Hyundai Mobis will be able to turn the mood around by winning its first win of the season against DB.

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