“Lotte → Raising → Samsung” Transfer, “This time is different”… It’s not the first time, but what was the difference

Jeon moved to Samsung through the second draft. A graduate of Kaesong High School and Dong-A University, Jeon joined the Lotte Giants as the 28th pick in the second round of the third round in 2015, and joined the Kiwoom Heroes through a trade. This is Jeon’s third transfer already. He has experience moving teams, but this time, it is meaningful for him.헤라카지노도메인

“When I moved from Lotte, I had no idea because I was running low. But it is different this time. I have more experience,” Jeon said with a smile. “I feel a sense of responsibility to do better. It is not easy to leave a familiar team. I am playing baseball the same way, but I think I have a task to adapt to different environments. I think it is important to adapt quickly to the new team.”

Still, he won’t likely have any difficulties adjusting to the game. Samsung also has many Heroes-turned-players. Yang Hyun, a pitcher of the same age who joined the team in the second draft, and Lim Chang-min, a pitcher who joined the team as an FA, also joined the team at Kiwoom. Also, Kim Tae-hoon, a pitcher who wore a Samsung uniform through a trade last year, is also a pitcher. All of them came to Samsung for different reasons. “I still know many good faces, so I don’t think I’ll be lonely,” Jeon said.

What did you think about Samsung from the outside? “Samsung is a prestigious baseball team that represents Korean baseball. That much, fans showed enthusiastic support for Samsung as well. I had that feeling when I saw the cheering seats on the third base where home fans gathered. The dugout looked lively as there were many young players. It was really tough when we faced off against each other. Even if we lost, we were a team that stuck to each other. I’m glad that we are now in the same team,” Jeon said, explaining how he felt about Samsung.

He also has good memories at his home stadium, Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. When he was playing for the Kiwoom Heroes, he hit two home runs and boasted of his slugging capability. His batting average is relatively low at 0.235 (12 hits in 51 times at bat), but his on-base hit ratio was 0.392. “I remember hitting a home run in Daegu,” Jeon recalled, “If I continue to hit good hits, I will have another day to hit a home run,” hinting that he would like to blast a home run in front of home fans.

Jeon Byung-woo, who is evaluated as having stable defense at infield corners, is considered stable. He is confident in his defense. He is confident in both first and third bases. Looking at his records over the past two years, Jeon played 512 innings as a first baseman and 36 ⅓ innings as a third baseman in the 2022 season. In 2023, he was responsible for 143 innings as a first baseman and nine innings as a third baseman. “They are the same on both first and third bases. If you leave them anywhere, I will do my best,” Jeon said.

Jeon set a goal to play many games without any injuries. “Last year, I couldn’t go to many games because I got injured. I don’t want to get hurt this year. If I go to many games, I think the record will naturally follow,” he said. “I want to prepare well during the offseason and show good performance to my fans. I want to show my strength in slugging and defense.”

This winter, Samsung focused on erasing its weaknesses. It recruited pitchers Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min in the FA market, and in the second draft, it selected pitchers Choi Sung-hoon and Yang Hyun as well as Jeon Byung-woo. It also did not attract Lee Min-ho, who was released by the NC Dinos. Power reinforcement was well done.

Jeon Byung-woo, a “transfer student,” said, “I think the reinforcement has been done well. I believe that if not only me but also the new players are active, I will be able to achieve better results. I will do my best.”

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