“Proven goaltender is desperate” to recruit Chelsea Benzema

Chelsea has reportedly started recruiting Karim Benzema (RETHAD), “Real Madrid Legend.”

Just six months after moving to the Saudi League, Benzema said he wanted to leave. Benzema was one of the world class players who initially moved to the Saudi League and later helped lead Sadio Mane and Laporte to join the team. However, Benzema was not satisfied with his life in Saudi Arabia, and he belatedly came to think that the league’s level did not meet his expectations.랭크카지노주소

Benzema, who scored nine goals in 15 games this season, joined the club 17 days later than the day of his return from vacation, and is reportedly training alone. He has asked the R-Itihad club to quit.

As the news spread, big clubs are paying keen attention. Amid news that his former team Lyon wants to sign a short-term contract, the Guardian reported on Monday (Korea time) that Chelsea has entered the race to recruit Benzema.

Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea has scored 35 goals in 21 matches this season. Leading clubs have scored more than 40 goals, with Arsenal standing at 42nd, Tottenham standing at 44th, and even Newcastle ranking at 41st, which is suffering from a shortage of goals. Pochettino is relying solely on Nicolas Jackson, who has scored seven goals in 19 matches. Pochettino does not hide his desire to recruit a proven striker. There is no better recruitment than Benzema, who has scored 450 goals in his career. For Benzema, returning to Lyon is an attractive suggestion, but the Guardian predicts that Chelsea could subdue Lyon by banking on its financial capabilities.

The Guardian added, “RETHAD will also try to find a way to recover its spending if it sends Benzema, one of the highest-paid players in the league.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea defeated Middlesbrough 6-1 thanks to Cole Palmer’s multi-goal performance in the second leg of the Carabao Cup semifinal at 5 a.m. on Saturday. Chelsea, which suffered a humiliating 0-1 defeat to Middlesbrough in the first leg, succeeded in turning the tables. It won the match 6-2 overall in the first and second legs to reach the final. The final match will be decided according to the result of the match between Fulham and Liverpool on Saturday. Pochettino will try his first championship trophy since his return to the Premier League.

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