“I haven’t even debuted.” Lee Junghoo who became a star in San Francisco

Although he is a rookie player who has not played a game, Lee Jung-hoo (25) seems to be growing in popularity day by day in San Francisco.

At the end of last year, Lee Jung-hoo entered the big league by signing a six-year, $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants of the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB). It is natural that he is the subject of great attention as a player, and his appearance outside of baseball is also a hot topic in the region.

It’s only been about a month since the contract with the club, but local media in San Francisco are already treating Lee Jung-hoo as a “local star,” reporting his daily life, such as drinking orange juice, and mentioning him as a notable figure in the region. The club is actively using Lee Jung-hoo, a rookie player who has not even made his debut, for marketing.헤라카지노주소

Earlier, he was welcomed by the Golden State Warriors, an NBA team based in the same area. On top of that, his dog “Cao” is also drawing keen attention from local fans.

San Francisco’s local media “SFgate” reported Lee Jung-hoo’s small daily life on the 23rd (Korean time). The media described Lee Jung-hoo as a “star recruited in San Francisco offseason” and said, “Lee Jung-hoo was filmed drinking orange juice.”

SF Gate reported that Lee Jung-hoo had an ordinary day in the city. Nevertheless, the media was glad to see Lee Jung-hoo, who recognized the area around Oracle Park and spent time drinking a lot of orange juice.

He also showed interest in a video of Lee Jung-hoo, who appeared on his previous team’s Kiwoom Heroes YouTube account. “In the YouTube vlog, Lee Jung-hoo is eating chicken wings at a craft beer bar next to the entrance to the home stadium,” the media said, noting, “It shows him speaking in Korean.”

Another local media outlet, the San Francisco Chronicle, also highlighted Lee Jung-hoo. The media listed Lee Jung-hoo on the “15 baseball players to pay attention to in the Bay Area” on the 13th. The “Bay Area” includes San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. It refers to an area that forms a city over the San Francisco Bay (灣).

Due to the growing popularity in the region, the San Francisco club put Lee Jung-hoo at the forefront of its marketing. Lee Jung-hoo decided to present 20,000 bobblehead dolls to the audience at a home game against the Colorado Rockies on July 28.

As part of marketing, MLB teams hold events to distribute some players’ bobblehead dolls at certain games. Mainly, the team’s representative players are the main characters of the bobblehead dolls. However, the team’s choice was rookie Lee Jung-hoo, who has not even debuted yet. This shows how much trust the team has in Lee Jung-hoo.

A photo of Lee Jung-hoo (left) visiting the NBA stadium and his dog “Cao” posted on the club’s SNS. Capture the SNS

In fact, Lee Jung-hoo’s treatment as a star has been consistent since he signed the contract. Lee Jung-hoo watched the home game of the NBA’s Golden State based in the same region right after signing the contract with the club, and the Golden State club introduced Lee Jung-hoo as an outfielder of the Giants by displaying his face on a large electronic display. Fans who visited the stadium at the time welcomed Lee Jung-hoo with cheers and applause.

Lee Jung-hoo is not the only one receiving a lot of attention. The popularity of the dog “Cao” is also increasing. The club posted a picture of Lee Jung-hoo’s dog on its official SNS account.

“You probably didn’t know that Lee Jung-hoo wasn’t the only one who recruited him,” he said. “We already love them a lot.” Local fans responded by saying, “The cutest dog in the world,” “I hope Cao meets his fans,” and “The best dog in the West of the National League.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who is welcomed by the entire city of San Francisco, will donate a large amount of money to the local community starting this year. When he signed the contract with the club, he agreed on a donation item for the San Francisco area.

Lee Jung-hoo will donate $60,000 this year, $80,000 in 2025, $110,000 in 2026 and 2027, respectively, and $102,500 annually until 2029. He will offer a total of $565,000 for the community during the contract period.

He also cited this as the most satisfying clause. “I am satisfied with the fact that I have included information that I can donate to the local community,” Lee said after returning to Korea right after the contract. “The U.S. added the clause because there is a way to donate to the region if the player who is affiliated with the team is successful.”

Lee Jung-hoo is scheduled to leave for the U.S. between the 31st and the 2nd of next month. The San Francisco spring camp will begin on February 15 at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona. Lee Jung-hoo plans to prepare for the team spring camp by learning the local atmosphere from early February. The field team training, which includes Lee Jung-hoo, will begin on the 20th.

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