KCC’s “Choi Jun-yong effect,” defense is more important than offense?

KCC was called a “super team” with the recruitment of Choi Joon-yong (30, 200 centimeters). The key lies in defense, not Choi’s spectacular attack.마카오토토주소

KCC acquired Choi from the free agent (FA) market. Recruitment, which seemed impossible, came true. Choi is a versatile big man who can cover everything from guard to forward. Along with joining Choi, KCC has emerged as a strong candidate to win the title.

Choi Jun-yong not only scores himself, but also knows how to pass. He can run tall. He is good at 2 to 2, and he can play transition games. It is glamorous in itself. However, KCC has higher expectations on defense, pass, and rebound than Choi’s splendor. This is because the results were good when Choi focused on defense and rebound.

In most games, Choi will be a No. 4 player (power forward). Depending on the matchup, he will be in charge of not only Korean big men but also foreign players. The course of the game will inevitably change depending on Choi’s performance.

KCC center Huh Woong also stressed, “If (Choi) Jun-yong defends hard, it will be easier to play the game. If (Choi) Jun-yong defends under the basket, he becomes a limp rotator. Since Jun-yong’s block timing is good, the opposing mercenary shoots while being conscious of Choi, the probability (successful opponent’s shot) decreases. This is an important point.”

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