“This is not a dream” – 2024 Honorable Member Beltre, Helton, Mauer in one spot

After the announcement of the Major League Hall of Fame in 2024, three of the heroes, Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton and Joe Mauer, held a press conference at the Hall of Fame Museum in Cooperstown, New York on the 26th (Korea time).월카지노도메인

The facial expressions and reactions of the three players, who were selected by the voting of the BBWAA in the U.S. Baseball Organization (BBWAA), were perfect match for the MLB.COM headline, “This is it. This is real. It’s happening!” by mlb.com .

Beltre answered the question as he circled the museum, saying, “The most impressive plate was Juan Marishal from the Dominican Republic.”

Marischal is the first prestigious member of the Dominican Republic. He became a member with 83.7 percent support in 1983 with 243 wins, 142 losses and a 2.89 ERA. High kicks are a symbol of pitching.

Beltre, Helton and Mauer, who became Major League Baseball Hall of Fame members in 2024, are wearing Hall of Fame caps and tops. Hall of Fame President Josh Ravitch, left, and Board President Jane Forbes Clark, right. Cooperstown (New York State) |AP Yonhap News

Beltre said, “As a child, the top star of the Dominican Republic was Marishal. Every time I listened to the broadcast, Marishal was mentioned, and I was able to remember his legendary performance at the museum today again.”

“I almost got traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2007. I had the good fortune to spend 17 years alone in Colorado because the trade failed. I love the region and the fans, and thank you,” Helton said.

“Since the announcement of membership on the 24th, I have received numerous calls and messages. The most unexpected and surprising person among them was Wayne Gretzky,” Mauer said. Gretzky is the Canadian ice hockey hero and the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) who holds all the NHL’s offensive records.

Beltre, who debuted for the Los Angeles Dodgers at age 19, posted a batting average of 0.286 with 3166 hits, 477 homers and 1707 RBIs over 21 years for four teams. He spent eight years with the Texas Rangers, his last active career after 21 years.

His agent is Scott Boras since his debut. Boras was with him at his Glendale home near LA on the day of his famous announcement. He has made a total annual salary of 220 million U.S. dollars on nine contracts over the past 21 years.

catcher Joe Mauer, the No. 1 player in the 2001 MLB draft, is a one-club man who signed four times with the Minnesota Twins. After 15 years of playing, he earned an annual salary of 223.275 million U.S. dollars. He was the only catcher who became the top three times. He also became the third catcher in his first year after Johnny Bench and Ivan Rodriguez.

Helton is a former University of Tennessee quarterback. After retiring, he returned to his hometown of Tennessee in 2018 and has been living in Knoxville. The quarterback who took over as Tennessee starting pitcher is G.O.A.T Peyton Manning, who led the NFL Super Bowl twice. The two are best friends. Manning congratulated him by phone after the announcement.

After playing for Colorado for 17 years, he set major records including games (2,247), hits (2519), home runs (369) and RBIs (1406). He joined the team after six years of maintaining his eligibility. He joined the Rockies as No. 8 in the 1995 draft, and extended his contract five times. He earned 164.4 million U.S. dollars in total annual salary.

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