What happened in the Bundesliga…Going to the hospital where the ball hit →The spectators who were watching the game put it in as a referee

The German media Sky Sports reported on the 27th (Korea Standard Time) that “My pride has fallen. The audience jumped in instead.”

Wolfsburg met Cologne in the 19th round of the German Bundesliga at Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, Germany, on the 27th (Korea time) and tied 1-1.마카오토토주소

Cologne scored the first goal. At a free kick situation in the 38th minute of the first half, Faride Alidou shook Wolfsburg’s net with a neat header.

Wolfsburg also followed suit. In the 40th minute of the first half, Kevin Paredes pushed Joakim Mele’s low cross to bring the game back to square one. Since then, the game ended 1-1 with no additional goal.

There was a scene that received more attention than the result of the game. Early in the first half, the ball cleared by the Cologne defender hit the face of the assistant referee. It was difficult to avoid because the ball flew so hard from such a close distance.

The assistant referee, who was shocked, collapsed on the ground and couldn’t get up easily. The medical staff was quickly deployed to check his condition. However, it was difficult to continue the game anymore due to the shock. Eventually, the assistant referee was reportedly hospitalized.

The waiting center was in charge of the assistant referee, but one referee was short. According to the media, the announcer in the hall checked whether there was an “amateur referee” among the spectators at the Volkswagen Arena, and eventually found one spectator.

Tobias Krul, the sports director and goalkeeper of MTV Giffhorn, a local league club, was in charge of waiting. That’s how the game started again. Amateur referees were included in the game, but the game ended without any major problems.

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