Wolverhampton-West Bromwich suspended for 38 minutes due to crowd intrusion

The England Football Association (FA) Cup match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Bromwich Albion was suspended for 38 minutes due to a crowd invasion.마카오토토주소

According to the British media BBC on the morning of the 29th (Korea time), the FA Cup fourth round between Wolverhampton and West Bromwich held at The Husons in West Bromwich, England on the previous day was suspended in the middle of the second half. Some fans entered the ground as the order of the stands collapsed at around 33 minutes in the second half when Wolverhampton, the away team, scored its second goal to secure its victory. As the fans stormed the ground, the players went back to the locker room. The game resumed after a suspension of about 38 minutes and ended with Wolverhampton’s 2-0 victory.

“The disorder in the game between Wolverhampton and West Bromwich is completely unacceptable,” the FA said in a statement shortly after the game. “Safety and security are the most important things, and spectators’ behavior was dangerous. We will investigate the incident and appropriate actions will be taken.” “We will cooperate with the police and the FA to help investigate,” the FA said. “Individuals involved in the incident will be banned from entering the game.” Police arrested two people for violating public order and one person for possession of weapons before the game.

Wolverhampton and West Bromwich are rivals located in the English state of West Midlands. Wolverhampton fans provoked home fans of West Bromwich by firing flares when Pedro Netu’s goal scored the first goal in the 38th minute. In response, West Bromwich fans threw beer bottles at Tommy Doyle of Wolverhampton. Immediately after the game was suspended, one fan was treated by medical staff while the other was taken to hospital on a stretcher.

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