“I’m scared even half the time…” The monster MVP I watched with my mouth open, No. 1 on the watch list of ‘Pitcher Biggest’

Kim Jae-yoon (34, Samsung Lions) is set to make a new start this season.헤라카지노

Kim Jae-yoon has made more than 30 saves over the past three years as a top closing pitcher. Last year, he ranked second in saves with 5 wins, 5 losses, 32 saves and an ERA of 2.60 in 59 games.

Having qualified as an FA at the KT Wiz after the end of the season, he has emerged as a surefire way to strengthen his back door. His destination was the Samsung Lions, which he signed for a four-year total of 5.8 billion won (approx. This is the highest amount for a pitcher in the FA market.

KT holds its annual spring camp in Arizona, the U.S.A. Okinawa, Japan, where Samsung will hold its spring camp, is a strange land to Kim Jae-yoon.

“I’m very excited and worried. I think I’m going with a lot of subtle emotions,” said Kim Jae-yoon, who will depart for Japan on Thursday. “I think the first time is to get close to the players because I haven’t been able to adjust to the team. I know (Jang) Pil-jun and (Kim) Dong-yeop, but I don’t know many (players) as I thought. I think I need to get close quickly.”

Last year, Samsung ranked at the bottom of the league with a 5.16 ERA for team relievers. As such, it actively rushed to recruit Kim Jae-yoon.

Kim Jae-yoon also felt a special sense of responsibility as he was treated the most as a pitcher in the stove league. He said, “The head of the team actively came. I also got a really good treatment and went, and I’m grateful. As much as I receive a lot, I think I should do well this year. I worked hard every year, but this time I worked even harder. I made a good body not to disappoint you.”

Samsung signed a two-year contract with FA Lim Chang-min, who made 26 saves last year after Kim Jae-yoon, for a total of 800 million won. It also succeeded in keeping Oh Seung-hwan, an internal FA who made 30 saves last year, for a total of 2.2 billion won over two years.

Three closing pitchers alone. Samsung coach Park Jin-man predicted unlimited competition.

“I think every bullpen pitcher’s dream is to be a closing pitcher. I will do my best in any position,” Kim said. “But of course, I want to be a closing pitcher. The manager also said he would make decisions during the camp, so I will compete with him,” Kim said. “They are great seniors. I will try not to cause inconvenience to them because they are well harmonized.”

Meeting Oh Seung-hwan is special to Kim Jae-yoon. “As I always said, he is an idol. I can’t believe he is because he has not trained with me yet. He is a senior who takes good care of his body and has a lot of experience externally, so I would like to ask him a lot of questions,” Kim said.

Daegu Samsung Lions Park, which Kim Jae-yoon has to use as his home ground, is batter-friendly. Analysts say that the home run is better because the stadium is smaller than other stadiums. “I’m not worried because I’m a fly ball pitcher again,” Kim said. “I think we should talk to (Kang) Min-ho and change the control, course, and pitch.” If we’ve been focusing on fastballs, including high-fast balls, the key is to induce grounders.”

For the first nine years since joining the club, KT has become an enemy. The Suwon KT Wiz Park, which used to be its home stadium, has now become an away team. “I think I will have unique feelings (when I stand at Wiz Park). I don’t know how they will welcome me, but I think it will feel weird,” Kim said.

His teammate has become an enemy. Kim Jae-yoon chose Mel Rojas Jr. as the most wary hitter. Rojas is considered the best foreign hitter in KT’s history. Rojas, who came to the KBO in 2017 after joining the KT, consistently hit .300 with double-digit home runs for four years. He exceeded 40 home runs in 2018 and 2020. In particular, he recorded a batting average of 349 with 47 home runs in 2020, becoming the MVP of the regular season. After playing for Hanshin Tigers in Japan, he returned to KT ahead of this season.

“Rohas is back, and I watched Rojas’ performance with my mouth open. It may not be my skill when I received the MVP, but I’m scared even if it’s half of it. I want to compete but I want to avoid it,” Kim Jae-yoon said honestly.

His goal is to win the title. “I was disappointed that I failed to win the title at KT last year. I want to win the title this year,” Kim said. “My personal goal is to win a title. I have only ranked second in saves over the past two years. If I become a closing pitcher this year, I want to aim for the No. 1 save.”

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