“Playing Among Yourself” … AS Roma Legend Defends Lukaku “Someday Everything Will Be Revealed”

Raja Ningolan, a legend of AS Roma, sided with Lukaku.

Italian media Sempreinter reported on the 28th (Korea time), “Former Inter Milan midfielder Raja Ningolan expects Romelu Lukaku to reveal his position on last summer’s infamous transfer rumors.”

Lukaku scored only eight Premier League goals for Chelsea during the 2021/22 season and, in an interview with Sky Italia, admitted he was “not happy” and said he wanted to return to Inter Milan, hurting the club and fans.마카오토토도메인

Lukaku was the hottest player in the transfer market this summer. He went on loan to Inter Milan last season and wanted to make a full transfer without returning to Chelsea (England). Chelsea wanted to spend the time quickly when their relationship with Lukaku was not good enough. The Saudi professional league suggested Lukaku, but he wanted to challenge himself in Europe, so he rejected the offer.

Lukaku, who is likely to become solidified by Inter Milan, acted shocking. He also contacted Juventus (Italy) while negotiating with Inter Milan. Lukaku’s actions were a great betrayal to Inter Milan as both teams are competing to advance to the Champions League. Immediately after this fact, Inter Milan withdrew from recruiting Lukaku.

The rift with teammates has also grown. Italian media Gazeta reported on July 22 (Korea Standard Time), “Everyone, including Lautaro, is disappointed with Lukaku’s actions. Some of the players were in constant contact, but Lukaku ignored all of them. Lukaku and his teammates walked an irreversible path.”

In response, Juventus proposed a Blahovic-Lukaku trade with Chelsea. Chelsea proposed a method of giving Lukaku 25 million euros more, but the deal was broken as Juventus demanded 40 million euros.

Now, Rome has joined the war. On Aug. 31 (Korea Standard Time), he signed a one-year lease with Rome and drastically cut his weekly salary.

Now ‘Gazetta’ has revealed why Lukaku broke up with Inter Milan. According to ‘Gazetta’, first of all, the inter directors and Lukaku contacted for a complete transfer negotiation, and Lukaku sent a training video saying he was improving his physical condition over the summer.

At the same time, however, officials felt that Lukaku did not appear to be as passionate about Inter as he was last year. The biggest hint was that Lukaku was absent from the wedding of his colleague Dimarco. The two had been close off the field, and Dimarco’s wedding venue was a meeting place for all the Inter players.

Inter were informed by his opponent Chelsea that Lukaku was willing to negotiate with other clubs as well. Chelsea and Inter negotiated a complete transfer and even reached an agreement. However, Inter began to doubt Lukaku for not responding despite the positive progress of negotiations with Chelsea.

Finally, Inter was confused by Lukaku, who was unable to reach him even though he had agreed with Chelsea. All of the Inter players also moved to contact Lukaku, but no one could hear Lukaku’s answer.

And Inter found out that Lukaku was actually negotiating with Juventus and AC Milan. According to Gazeta, Inter directors later gathered the team and asked if they could reconcile with Lukaku, but the players were not willing to do so.

Lukaku changed his mind again and tried to get in touch with Inter. However, starting in mid-July, Inter’s squad has completely turned against Lukaku. New captains Lautaro, Bastoni, and DiMarco have drawn the line that Lukaku’s wounds cannot be healed under any circumstances.

However, Nyingolan insists that Lukaku must have a reason for acting that way in the summer. He said, “I’m happy for Lukaku to play for Rome. He is a striker who can score many goals, as far as I know. As far as I know, he must have had a reason if he decided to leave Inter Milan.”

He continued, “People keep wondering why he did that. But I believe that sooner or later he will reveal the reasons for his choice. I want to hear his interpretation, too.”

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