LG Lim Chan-kyu’s responsibility, “I’m indebted to the bullpen… I have to throw a lot of starters this year.”

LG Twins pitcher Lim Chan-kyu (32), who had the most wins among Korean pitchers last year, showed his extraordinary sense of responsibility. He intends to pitch more innings for team bullpen pitchers this year.헤라카지노주소

Lim Chan-kyu started the season as a relief pitcher last year, but changed his position to a starting pitcher due to team circumstances, and recorded the most wins (third overall) among Korean pitchers in the KBO League with 14 wins. In all, he pitched in 30 games with 14 wins, three losses and one hold with an ERA of 3.42, contributing to the team’s achievement of a unified victory.

Ahead of his first spring camp after winning the championship, Lim told reporters on Wednesday, “I won the championship last year. I feel the same way as before. I feel more responsible. Rather than trying to win the championship, I feel that I should keep this position. I will prepare more diligently to meet fans’ expectations.”

Last year, Lim did his best by playing 144 ⅔, but Choi Won-tae, who joined LG in a trade, pitched in 9 games and 44 ⅓, while Kim Yun-sik pitched 74 ⅔, only 17 games due to injury and sluggishness. The innings they failed to take responsibility for were entirely up to the bullpen.

Lim Chan-kyu apologized for the dedication shown by the relief pitchers last season, while calling for the local starting pitchers to make more efforts. “Our team’s offense, defense and bullpen were all good last year, but the starting pitchers in Korea were a little weak,” Lim said. “I haven’t thrown many innings with (Choi) Won-tae and (Kim) Yoon-sik. If I play one or two more innings per game than last year, I can throw more innings (this year).”

“Last year, bullpen pitchers threw a lot of innings, and if the starting pitchers were more responsible, there would be no big problem this year. Since I owe a lot to the bullpen, I will throw many innings as best I can this year,” he vowed.

Ahead of the new season, Lim has not set specific personal goals. He only focuses on his pitches on the mound.

“I want to win, have a three-point average, and win 15 games in this season. But if I set such a goal, I will not achieve it. That’s why I just want to go on the mound and throw the ball well. Then, victory will follow,” Lim said with a smile.

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