Japan withdraws Ito drop-off measures in less than a day for ‘sexual crime allegations’

Japan, which is trying to win the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup, called off striker Junya Ito (Stad Langs), who was accused of sex crimes, and reversed the decision less than a day later.

According to Japanese media, the Japan Football Association (JFA) announced on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time) that it had decided to temporarily withdraw Ito’s call-off measure.꽁머니

Masakuni Yamamoto, head of the JFA’s national team, told local reporters that he would reconsider Ito’s future at the association’s leadership meeting scheduled for the same day.

Sports Hochi said, “The JFA announced the cancellation of Ito’s convocation at 1:30 p.m. local time on the 1st due to his physical and mental conditions. However, he hurriedly announced his decision at 2 a.m. the next day, and Ito said he would not drop out.”

As reported, the JFA reversed its action against Ito in 12 and a half hours.

According to Yamamoto, the coaching staff and players held a countermeasure meeting after Ito’s departure was confirmed, and many players expressed their desire to play with Ito to win the Asian Cup.

After confirming the situation, Yamamoto said he had a follow-up discussion with JFA Chairman Kozo Kelp, and eventually decided to leave Ito on the national team.

First of all, Chairman Kelp and the JFA leadership decided to gather experts to discuss the issue again on the 2nd after withdrawing Ito’s dropout measures, Yamamoto said.

However, Yamamoto did not comment on Ito’s final position.

Ito, the person in charge, wants to stay in the national team, but we cannot rule out the possibility that he will eventually drop out again without being able to play the rest of the tournament schedule, Yamamoto said.

Earlier on the 31st of last month, Japanese media Daily Shinjo reported that Ito had been criminally charged as a sex offender.

JFA seemed to respond quickly to sending Ito out just a day after the report, but reversed the decision less than a day after the internal opinions of the national team could not be ignored.

According to reports, Ito is suspected of having sex without the consent of the other party after having two women, including the complainant A in her 20s, drink alcohol.

A claims that he suffered sexual crime from Ito in a hotel room located in Osaka, Japan, on the morning of June 21 last year.

A said, “When I finally came to my senses while drunk, Ito’s body was weighing on me.”

Ito has been Japan’s main striker in this year’s event. However, in the round of 16 strongest teams against Bahrain after Daily News’ reporting, he only made his name on the substitute list.

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