Who’s the ‘Second Peddy’… Dalgul New Outsiders in 2024 will take the veil off

The professional baseball spring camp is also the beginning of the “foreigner farming” that will determine the fate of the season. Teams starting with “new faces” are busier. As it is their first official training together, they should closely monitor their physical conditions and strengths and weaknesses. The same applies to players. They should lay the groundwork for a soft landing with good first impressions.

Fifteen foreigners did not have faces in the previous season. Excluding Henry Ramos (Doosan) and Mel Rojas Jr. (KT), who announced their re-challenge to the KBO league, there are only 13 foreigners who are in their first year. Nine of them are pitchers. As Eric Peddy left for the history of becoming the MVP of the previous 2023 season, including triple crown and 20 wins and 200 strikeouts, all clubs searched everywhere for the “second peddy.”월카지노주소

Kia should pay attention to the sport. It was cautious as the formation of foreign players was late. Will Crow proves that he has strong Major League (MLB) experience and is still capable of playing baseball in Japan and the U.S. Just like Pedi, a former first-rounder of the 2014 MLB Draft, Crow was selected in the second round of the 2017 draft. It is worth looking forward to. Kia has filled one more spot with James Nail, a bullpen resource, along with Crow.

Connor Seabold of the Samsung Lions, who was in the same team with Crowe in the 2017 MLB draft, is also notable. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the third round at that time. Until the previous season, he played as a starter for the Colorado Rockies, which used Coors Field, the “grave of pitchers.” With fastballs exceeding 150 kilometers, David Buchanan is in charge of starting the first team for Samsung, which left the team. Denny Reyes is paired with this.

NCs two left-handers named Daniel Castano and Kyle Hart joined the team. Pedis two immediate replacements will play in the darkest shadow than any other foreign player. Defending champion LG also acquired a new ace card named Detrick Ence. He has experienced the Japanese professional baseball (NPB) following the MLB. We look forward to seeing him win 10 games in the 2022 season with the Seibu Lions.

In addition, SSG will fill Kirk McCarty’s position, who was the ace last year, with right-hander Robert Duggar. For Kiwoom, Venezuelan left-hander Enmanuel de Heissus will take on a new challenge together.

Preventing injuries is a common goal of freshmen. Even a glamorous career is useless in the face of physical conditions where the ball cannot be thrown. We should not repeat the mistakes of Annie Romero (SSG), Dylan Ceil (Doosan), and Birch Smith (Hanwha), who left the game in vain in the early days of last season.

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