Following the Perfect Monster Pitcher in the ‘MML Advancement Scandal’, promising players are showing signs of withdrawal from the players’ association… Concerns over “Confusion is inevitable.”

Following Chiba Lotte Marines Sasaki Rocky (23), the possibility has been raised that Japanese players who dream of becoming major league players will continue to leave the team.마카오카지노주소

Japanese media Nikkan Gendai said on the 2nd, “Sasaki’s every move is drawing attention at the Chiba Lotte Camp. However, there are several players like Sasaki who are rumored to challenge the Major League early and leave the club through posting.”

With his fastballs at speeds of over 160 km/h, Sasaki has been highly anticipated even before joining the pro league, and is one of the most promising players in the Japanese pro baseball with 19 wins and 10 losses with an ERA of 2.00 376 strikeouts in 46 games (283 ⅔ innings). Having joined Chiba Lotte as a first-round pick in 2020, Sasaki gradually improved his skills and skills by being closely supervised and never played a single game in his first year to build up his stamina to compete in the pro league. In 2021, he showed promise by recording 11 games (63 ⅓ innings), three wins and two losses with an ERA of 2.27, and became the youngest player in the Japanese pro baseball history to achieve perfect games in 2022, emerging as an ace in the nationwide baseball league. His performance was also good with nine wins, four losses with an ERA of 2.02 in 20 games (129 ⅓ innings).

Sasaki played for the Japanese national team of the World Baseball Classic, which was held in March last year, and contributed to winning all of them, had a disappointing season due to injury. Sasaki, who had suffered finger blisters and lateral muscle injury and missed most of the second half of the season, finished the season with outstanding performances with seven wins, four losses and an ERA of 1.78 in 15 games (91 innings). Sasaki has never met the required innings so far.

Despite the poor performance, Sasaki delivered to Chiba Lotte his intention to challenge to the Major League. Chiba Lotte did not accept Sasaki’s request for posting. “I would feel that I should repay my club a little more,” Chiba Lotte manager Yoshii Masato said, expressing his intention to allow Sasaki to advance to the Major League if he performs well enough. Sasaki was in danger of preparing for the season at his own expense in the worst case scenario, but eventually agreed to a contract with an estimated annual salary of 80 million yen (about 720,000 U.S. dollars).

Sasaki failed to advance to the Major League this winter, but Japanese players are actively participating in the Major League these days. Yoshinobu Yamamoto signed a 12-year, 325-million-dollar contract with the Dodgers this offseason, breaking the previous major league pitching record, and Yuki Matsui of San Diego, Shota Imanaga of the Cups, and Naoyuki Uwasa and Tampabei also moved to the U.S. Some Japanese baseball players are concerned about the leakage of outstanding players to the Major League. Sasaki has already been known to have left the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization, sparking controversy.

“The Orix’s fourth-year right-hander, Shunpeita Yamashita, has been making an unusual move,” a baseball source said. Yamashita burst onto his potential by garnering nine wins and an ERA of 1.61 last year by banking on his robust 160-kilometer fastball and bell-dropping curve ball, which boasts a sturdy physique measuring 190 centimeters tall and weighing 98 kilograms. He plans to start the rotation of starting pitchers on June 6, and his 20th win is not his dream. Among U.S. scouts, it is already known as post Yoshinobu and post Loki. Scott Boras, a U.S. agent, also visited Kyocera Dome Osaka and watched Yamashita’s starting lineup game. “Since he has ties with Yamamoto, I heard that he is already moving to advance to the Major League.”

Nikkan Gendai said, “In addition to Yamashita, Yamamoto’s former teammates Hiroya Miyagi and Yuki Udawa and Junichi’s ace candidate Hiroto Takahashi are also mentioned,” expressing concern that promising young players could leave the tournament.

An official of the Japanese national team said, “I think the reason why Yamamoto and Sasaki have withdrawn from the players’ association is because they want to prevent any problems when challenging the Major League is less than the players’ union. In fact, some players who returned from the Major League do not rejoin the players’ association. The association is favorable to players’ advance to the Major League, but regarding the posting system, “The system cannot be used unless the Japanese team allows it. Players cannot transfer to the Major League due to their will.” The association is not directly involved in negotiations between players and teams. However, they seem to be concerned about the possibility of intervening in the event of a conflict over posting,” which analyzed the reason why young players want to withdraw from the association.

Nikkan Gendai said, “Sasaki and Yamamoto, who have great influence in the baseball world, are leaving the team, causing a big stir. If young talents follow suit, confusion is inevitable.”

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