Genius Shortstop Who Rejuvenated for 500 Million Won, Rejuvenated, but Unsigned Salary Shocked… How Much Do You Want at 39

Kim Jae-ho (39) of Doosan Bears, who was called an icon of rejuvenation last year, has failed to narrow differences with his team in the 2024 season salary negotiations. How much does Kim, who turned 39, want as compensation to achieve his dream of extending his mandatory military service.월카지노

Doosan Bears reported on the 5th that the Futures League team left the Miyakojima Spring Camp in Japan on the 2nd, saying, “Infielder Kim Jae-ho will continue negotiations later as an unpaid salary contractor.” Kim Jae-ho, who succeeded in extending his active duty, failed to be listed on the spring camp list due to difficulties in negotiating his salary.

Doosan has selected Kim Jae-ho, who has recovered from his slump, as eligible to renew his contract for the 2024 season, and negotiated his annual salary. Manager Lee Seung-yeop also included Kim Jae-ho in the new season’s shortstop plan, saying, “Since Kim Jae-ho is a veteran, we have decided to include him in the Futures League camp with the intention of slowly upping his pace. In fact, the goal is to gradually upping his pace with younger players, rather than the Futures League players. We fully understand Kim’s capabilities.”

However, Doosan and Kim Jae-ho failed to narrow their differences until Feb. 2, the last day to join the Futures League camp. After completing salary negotiations with all players subject to renewal except Kim Jae-ho, Doosan failed to announce the contract for the new season due to Kim Jae-ho, but when negotiations failed until Feb. 2, Doosan officially announced Kim Jae-ho’s non-contract. As a result, Kim Jae-ho will not be able to join either the primary or secondary camps.

Kim Jae-ho, who signed a second FA contract with Doosan for three years and 2.5 billion won in January 2021. His first two years were less than expected. He suffered from controversy over his performance as he was sluggish with a batting average of 215 in 102 games in 2022, following a batting average of 209 in 89 games in the first year of his contract renewal. He suffered a slump of 212 for more than half of the contract period, undermining the pride of a genius shortstop.

Kim prepared harder than anyone else for the 2023 season, which could be the end of his career. It was the Australian spring camp that started off. He stood in the first line from the warm-up and shouted “fighting,” and even when he was training for defense, he spared no effort just as a young genius shortstop did in the past. It was Kim Jae-ho who shed tears to change his boos over the past two years into applause.

It was Gamcheon Stream if it was intelligent. Kim Jae-ho rejuvenated with a batting average of 283 with three homers and 29 RBIs in 91 games last year, leading Doosan to return to the autumn stage for the first time in two years. Despite the fact that his retirement is nearing the age of 38, he showed off his rusty contact skills with stable defense, and ranked third in batting average in his team after Yang Eui-ji (batting average of 35 percent) and Jung Soo-bin (batting average of 287 percent). He is comparable to his career-high performance in 2018 (batting average of 311 percent with 16 homers).

Based on his record for the first two years after signing a contract with the FA, Kim Jae-ho was most likely to retire after the 2023 season ends. Kim Jae-ho also hinted at the end of his mandatory military service, saying, “I am just around the corner.” However, he successfully rebounded in the final year of his contract and even achieved his dream of extending his mandatory military service. Until now, new shortstop players including Ahn Jae-seok, Lee Yoo-chan, Jeon Min-jae, and Park Gye-beom had been seeking positions, but none were comparable to Kim’s.

Kim’s annual salary in the last season was 500 million won (approx. There is no particular reason for the breakdown of the negotiations. Doosan suggested a cut in the salary negotiations for the new season, and Kim Jae-ho was not satisfied with the final offer, and the contract reportedly fell through.

Kim Jae-ho turned 39 this year, but he is still playing a key role in Doosan`s shortstop plan. Ahn Jae-seok, who drew attention as a “post-Kim Jae-ho,” chose to join the military last month and was given a task to find another successor. Doosan still needs Kim Jae-ho, and manager Lee Seung-yeop mentioned Kim Jae-ho’s existence as a prerequisite for a smooth generational change. This is why negotiations on Kim Jae-ho’s annual salary should be concluded as soon as possible.

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