Snell vs. Relaxed Yankees… Spring camp is just around the corner, who will be the final winner?

The 2024 Major League spring camp, in which pitchers and catchers will join first, is only 10 days away. However, the destination of Blake Snell, who was considered one of the biggest fish among free agent pitchers this winter, is still unknown.라바카지노주소

To make matters worse, Baltimore, which has been considered Snell’s next destination, signed a blockbuster trade from Milwaukee on the 2nd (Korea time) to recruit right-hander Corbin Burns (30).

Burns, who made his Major League debut in 2018, performed well enough to have double-digit wins for three consecutive years until last year. Notably, he won 11 wins, five losses and an ERA of 2.43 in the 2021 season, receiving the Cy Young Award for the best pitcher in the National League that year. He was also named an All-Star three times.

Burns not only recorded 10 wins, 8 losses and an ERA of 3.39 last year, but also pitched a total of 193.2 innings, blocking an average of six innings per game. This means that Burns also played a role as an “inning starter,” which is required of a starting pitcher.

As the situation got worse, the New York Post said on the 2nd (Korea Standard Time) that Snell had fewer places to go because Baltimore recruited Milwaukee ace Burns. Baltimore had been constantly mentioned as Snell’s next destination.

When the 2023-24 Major League FA market opened, we didn’t know that news of Snell’s contract would not come out for such a long time. Snell, who even won the National League Cy Young Award last year, was expected to receive a love call from a number of teams as he even had a premium as a left-hander.

When the market opened, however, expectations went differently. The Major League website ( ) recently reported that the New York Yankees are the only team that offered Snell a deal.

According to the media, “The New York Yankees offered Snell a six-year contract of 150 million dollars (about 197 billion won), but it was rejected,” adding, “Snell demanded more than this, a nine-year total of 270 million dollars (about 386 billion won).”

Snell curiously rejected the New York Yankees’ offer and is waiting for a better offer. However, the market atmosphere does not seem to be flowing as he wanted so far.

Snell, a native of Washington state in the U.S., entered the professional league as a 52nd overall pick by Tampa Bay in the first round of the 2011 MLB Rookie Draft when he was a high school senior. After debuting in the Major League in 2016, Snell posted outstanding performances with 21 wins, 5 losses and a 1.89 ERA in the 2018 season. Of course, he was responsible for the Cy Young Award given to the best pitcher in the American League that year.

After being traded to the San Diego Padres in 2021, however, the team only had single-digit wins (7 wins – 8 wins) for the second consecutive year, failing to show off its past performance. The cause was injury. However, the team rebounded by posting 14 wins, nine losses and an ERA of 3.38 in last season ahead of the FA.

After the end of the season, he also received the Cy Young Award, which is given to the best pitcher in the National League. Only seven pitchers in the history of the Major League have won Cy Young Award like Snell in the two major leagues. Although he has outstanding qualifications, his injury history, which was revealed after moving to San Diego, seems to be holding him back.

Another weakness is his inability to display the required innings pitched by starting pitchers. Since moving to San Diego, Snell has started 83 times and pitched 436.2 innings. In other words, he pitched 5.2 innings per game.

According to an official familiar with the Major League market, “There will be not many clubs that will give a big contract to a starter who can’t block an average of six innings per game.”

In fact, Snell openly looked for a job in an interview with local media at the NFL stadium during the offseason, saying, “If possible, I would like to throw it in my hometown Seattle,” but Seattle’s response was almost callous.

The New York Post reported that the Yankees were willing to exceed Snell’s remarkable price even before the negotiations with him stopped. This means that they will not offer a higher price over time. Moreover, Baltimore, one of the negotiating channels, seems to have stopped paying attention to Snell by recruiting Burns.

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