“195-cm tall guard,” Hong Chan-woo said, “The goal is to average 3 3-point shots and 40%.”

“When I graduate from college, I want to make it a 40% success rate with three 3-point shots on average.”

Among the seven freshmen at Dankook University, Park Ya-ves (190cm Jeongoo High School) and Hong Chan-woo (195cm Naksaeng High School) will be given a chance to play from the opening of the college basketball league.

In particular, Hong Chan-woo displayed his talent as a tall guard in high school. His skills are recognized by the coaching staff and seniors as well.

Dankook University coach Seok Seung-ho said, “Hong Chan-woo looks like he is training with the older members and matches with them. I’m satisfied,” while Song Jae-hwan said, “Chan-woo is tall and knows how to handle the ball. I opened my eyes to assist.”

“I’m focusing on practice games. Now that I have freshmen in Geoje Island, I’m practicing what the coach wants me to do,” Hong said. “Dankook University’s team color is to apply pressure through all-court press, so I’m focusing on adapting myself to that color. I practice defense a lot. I’m not that good at defense. I felt like I was doing it with my sense. I can play a lot of games when I have to defend, so I’m practicing defense.” He told me how he’s preparing for his college debut.월카지노도메인

When asked how he was practicing defense in detail, Hong Chan-woo explained, “I don’t think I’m good at defense because of my high posture, but I’m trying to defend by lowering my posture, and I’m trying to do something that I can’t because he teaches me some defensive skills.”

As for his exact position, Hong Chan-woo said, “Dankook University has a lot of players who can handle the ball and attack without No. 1 (point guard), so all but the center attacks together. I’m tall and good to see the front, so I’m trying to be a good front.”

Even when entering the professional league, it is essential to supplement the defense with a high posture in order to play as a guard.

“When I play a practice game against high school, I try to defend well in the front,” Hong said. “The older guys are good at teaching me how to defend. The coach and coach are also good at teaching me how to defend. I’m practicing to defend better than attacking.”

“The bad habit is not to see my attack, but to pass or do something spectacular,” he said, adding, “I tend to see my attack a lot because the coach told me not to just look at my pass but to look at my attack with confidence.”

Hong Chan-woo played in a total of 29 games last year when he was a third grader at Naksaeng High School, recording an average of 13.2 points, 11.6 rebounds, 4.5 assists, and 1.4 steals with 1.3 3-pointers.

Even if four players showed similar scoring skills, the average score is the third in the team. It is hard to say that he is a player with excellent scoring ability. On the university stage, it may be evaluated as a player with weak attack power.

“I don’t think my offense is weak. I watch my offense with confidence and succeed with confidence while playing practice matches,” Hong said. “I don’t get discouraged from attacks,” he said. “I had a hard time finding a position in high school. I think college is the process of growing. I believe that I will grow with better grades and better records. I look forward to more in college.”

When asked about the basis of his confidence, Hong Chan-woo said, “The coach trusts me and lets me play practice games. He orders a lot even in offense,” adding, “He doesn’t expect much, but he gives me confidence, so I prepare while practicing both offense and defense.”

Except for national sports competitions, most high school competitions have final tournaments after group preliminaries. Hong used to show more scoring ability in the final (14.9Pst 9.5Reb 3.4Pst 1.6) than in the preliminaries (12.2Pst 12.1Reb 5.0Ast 3P 1.2). He thus demonstrates his scoring ability in bigger matches.

Hong Chan-woo said, “It doesn’t mean much. I think I was greedy because I had to win the final,” adding, “I think I was more aggressive because I often met Yongsan High School in the round of 16 or the quarterfinals. Because when I meet a strong team (my teammates) sometimes feel intimidated, so as a third grader, I was given a chance to attack.”

Hong Chan-woo said, “In high school, rebounding was my advantage. Among guards, I am tall,” adding, “I didn’t have a desire to score in the early 12th and 12th grades of high school. I liked passing and I was more interested in assist. So I did that, but the coach told me to attack rather than pass. I think if I play in the future, I will score more points.”

When asked what kind of efforts he would make to raise his value during his four years in college, Hong said, “I aim to be a guard. I heard that you have a high posture, but if you can field a smaller player from the outside, your value will increase. To do so, when you engage in physical team exercises, you should focus more on core, hip, and lower body exercises. You should do two to three more times when you can’t even practice defense. I want to make sure that defense is more important in offense. In offense, you should increase the portion of shooting practice and practice three-point and mid-range shots. When I graduate from college, I want to make three-point shots on average with a success rate of 40 percent. That’s how much you can be used in a pro league. If I play practice games, I will be more aggressive.”

Hong Chan-woo said, “I hope the team’s performance will be in the top three or four. I hope the older members will do well last year and continue that performance. As my grade goes up, I hope to be ranked first or second. Personally, I want to get a double-double with an average of 15 points and 10 rebounds. I want to be evaluated as a good player in college. I have a lot of greed. I am confident.”

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