Bayern Munich Fails Again… Knee Injury Leaves For A Time

Bayern Munich has lost Alfonso Davis (23) to injury. Davis had his knee twisted during the match, and the examination revealed a sprained ligament in his left knee. Since last month, Kingsley Coman (27), Yozua Kimihi (28), Dayo Upamecano (25), and many others have been injured, and Davis has joined the ranks.헤라카지노

“Davis suffered a ligament sprain in his left knee during the match against Mönchengladbach,” Bayern Munich said on its website on the 4th (Korea Standard Time). “After the match, the team’s medical team examined the result. He will not be able to play for a while.”

Bayern Munich, which faced Mönchengladbach, won 3-1 at home, but lost its power again. At the end of the second half, Davis felt pain in his knee while blocking the opponent’s cross, and was immediately replaced by Rafael Geheiro (30). At the scene of the injury, Davis expressed regret by reacting nervously as if foreshadowing his future.

With the absence of Davis, the number of injuries to Bayern Munich has increased. Currently, Bayern Munich is full of players who cannot play in all positions including Kimihi, Upamecano, and Coman, as well as Konrad Reimer (26), Serge Gnabry (28), Buna Sarr (32), and Daniel Peretz (23). On top of that, although he is not injured, Kim Min-jae (27), who is a key defensive player, is likely not to play until early this month due to his being called up to the Asian Cup.

“Davis’s knee is twisted. I have nothing to say. If this happens again, it’s all the more so,” German coach Thomas Tuchel said at a press conference after the game. “Davis’ knee is twisted. It’s all the more so because it happened while he was regaining his performance.” According to the German media Bild, Davis is expected to leave for about three to four weeks.

The departure of Davis would deal a severe blow to Bayern Munich. Currently, Bayern Munich is struggling to catch up with Leverkusen, the leader of the league, but its strength continues to deteriorate. The difference between Bayern Munich (50 points) and Leverkusen (52 points) is only two points, which could change the ranking of the two teams depending on the outcome of a single match.

Meanwhile, Geheiro can step up to the position where Davis has left. As a center midfielder and left-back at the same time, he stepped up to the position at a time when Davis was faltering this season. Tuchel is likely to fill Davis’ vacancy with Geheiro, who is highly aggressive.

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