Hanam City Hall defeated Sangmu Phoenix for 3 consecutive wins! Scary power show!

Hanam City Hall showed off its terrifying power by beating Sangmu Phoenix and winning three consecutive games.마카오카지노주소

Hanam City Hall beat Sangmu Phoenix 34-26 in the first round of the men’s third round of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 handball H-League at SK Handball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 3rd.

Hanam City Hall, which displayed tremendous potential by beating No. 1 Incheon Metropolitan City Corporation in the last game, beat Sangmu Phoenix to maintain the fourth place with five wins, two draws and four losses and 12 points. It closely followed SK Hawks, who came in third place with a two-point gap. Having lost for six consecutive games this time, Sangmu Hynix remained in the sixth place with two wins and nine losses and four points.

Hanam City Hall did not miss Sangmu Phoenix’s error from the beginning and led the flow. It ran to 5-0, but Sangmu Phoenix followed up to 6-3 with a pivot play using Park Se-woong.

Sangmu Phoenix actively defended by raising its defense to half the court to prevent Hanam City Hall’s mid-range shot. Hanam City Hall made an error in the abnormal defense, and the goalkeeper of Sangmu Phoenix scored five goals in a row to chase 11-10, leading to a tight race.

The battle continued for a while, but Hanam City Hall began to hit again as Sangmu Phoenix’s error came out, and Shin Jae-seop and Park Kwang-soon penetrated the gap and finished the first half with a 19-14 run.

Photo by Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 Handball H-League Men’s 3rd round against Sangmu Phoenix Shin Jae-seop (left) of Hanam City Hall, who was selected as MVP, goalkeeper Lee Dong-myung, son, and Korea Handball Federation as presenter

In the beginning of the second half, Sangmu Phoenix pushed hard and followed it up to 21-18. However, as Hanam City Hall goalkeeper Park Jae-yong made a series of saves, he hit it to 24-18.

Hanam City Hall ran to 28-20 and eight points as goalkeeper Park Jae-yong, who was discharged from the military last month, continued to save. Hanam City Hall, which won the game, eventually won 34-26.

For Hanam City Hall, Shin Jae-sup led the attack with nine goals and Park Si-woo with seven goals, and goalkeeper Park Jae-yong made 10 saves. Hanam City Hall Kang Seok-ju added two more goals to achieve a total of 100.

Sangmu Phoenix led the attack with Park Se-woong and Kim Myung-joong scoring seven goals each, while goalkeeper Ahn Jae-pil recorded 12 saves.

“I prepared hard during the month-long break, but I think we won two games in a row and started well,” said Shin Jae-seop of Hanam City Hall, who was selected as the MVP of the game. “Since our performance is not all out, we will raise it as much as possible and play well as possible.”

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