The hidden meaning of the list of war anniversaries

Around this time every year, professional baseball begins off-season training. It seems like an annual event, but it is very serious from the perspective of the team. That’s right. Even during the off-season last year, when the team’s training was completely completed, the team even participates in the training part and the players’ physical conditions are reported to the field and the front desk from time to time, and the roster is adjusted.

There is nothing obvious. Even though some names that have always been seen may look like that, the team always adjusts to the last minute where and who to reinforce. Sometimes, the team constantly changes the players until the date of payment of the ticket. Veteran players search for and find out who their successor or competitor is. Some brilliant players seek out depth charts from their teams when they are under annual leave to when they can find their positions. The list is a kind of blueprint that envisions the future and the season. It is not an easy resource to consider. It contains the sincerity of the team. What about your organization.헤라카지노주소

We also take into account a number of other factors when compiling the list. We also examine the financial conditions of the team and the conditions of the training site. The average cost of a team’s spring training is 1 billion won. If it is a schedule that goes through the U.S. or Japan, it will increase further. Of course, the field and the team should invest, but it is difficult to pay for it.

It is especially up to the coaches who want to recruit more players at once, but it is also true that the training is not effective unless conditions at the training site support them. There are only one or two stadiums, and if the players are assigned with pitchers and fielders, respective defense position training programs, batting training programs for each situation, and outdoor training, the waiting time for each player will be longer and there will be insufficient time to focus on training. As the games are crowded, there is also a high risk of injury. If the Futures team has too many players in the first team’s training, which will be held separately, will also suffer a setback. They appear to be a handful of elite players, but some positions are hard to rotate.

Let’s look at the list of athletes announced by each team this year. The media and fans will know who picked it up. I’ll tell you something that stands out from a different perspective. Some of the major players sometimes miss the first-team camp. “The individual players will raise the pace and adjust to the team’s schedule during the exhibition game,” the team explained. However, the team’s training is meaningful because it is the beginning of the season and the starting line for teamwork. If possible, players who are not in good condition in the early stages hope to participate in the first-team camp. Not many people want to fall into the stage of creating team work, including new foreign players, changes in coaching staff, and rookie players.

However, field leaders want to send a message to some of the players. The cause revealed is self-regulation and consideration, but the meaning is “get on your toes.” One coach told the players to choose the venue and schedule of the camp on their own, and some players chose a place that they thought would be comfortable. However, they decided to go together at the last minute. It turned out that the oldest player in the field said, “It’s so important to keep pace with each other.” It is different from my standard, but I understand that this person conveys his sincerity and judges.

Which team sends the most players this year? KIA Tigers has 47. The average number of players in 10 teams is 41.2. If a team operates stably for a season, around 50 players will play in the first division. The number of players in the team amounts to almost all of them who will play in the season’s main league. The number of players who participated in the Kia Tigers’ training increased significantly from 36 last year. This year’s performance has revealed expectations and willingness to invest.

Each team’s strategy can also be seen in the composition of players who are concentrated in a specific position. LG, the winner of last year’s championship, has 42 players in total, but 23 pitchers in the team, the largest number among the 10 teams. Lotte, which hosted manager Kim Tae-hyung, has 12 infielders, which is larger than other teams.

Each team also has its own criteria. Some teams place foreign players in Korean, alphabetical, or Canadian order, without discrimination from Korean players. Some teams place foreign players first or last. Some teams put foreign players first or unconditionally, according to Canadian order or annual order. Some teams, however, do not know how to make lists. Does this mean that they won’t reveal Kuse (habit). Good luck, everyone.

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