Kershaw Remains With Dodgers… In Kershaw’s Way, “Re-signing Agreement With LAD”

Clayton Kershaw (36) will stay with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Many media outlets including , ESPN, New York Post, and Trade Rumors reported on the 7th (Korea time) that Kershaw agreed to stay with the Dodgers. There is no mention of the period or amount yet, but it is dealt with as a definitive matter.마카오토토도메인

New York Post reporter John Hayman quoted sources as saying, “There is growing belief that Kershaw will be in his 17th season in the big league with the Dodgers.” In addition, reporter Thomas Harrigan also reported that the official announcement will be made after the physical test scheduled for the 9th.

Kershaw pitched in 24 games and played 131.2 innings last season. He had a good record of 13 wins and five losses with an ERA of 2.46.

However, he is now rehabbing after shoulder surgery in November. Dr. Neal Elatache who treated Shohei Ohtani and Ryu Hyun-jin also repaired his scapula ligaments and joint sacs. Due to such circumstances, he will not be able to return to the team in the first half of this year. “I am preparing to return by summer,” he said.

Positive signs have recently emerged regarding his remaining days ahead of the spring camp. “We are still in contact with Kershaw, and we are making progress,” GM Brandon Gomes said, hinting at his contract renewal. “I had a mobile message with him a few days ago. He said he was preparing well.”

Joel Sherman (New York Post), another reporter who reported Kershaw’s stay, said, “The Dodgers can put Kershaw on the 60-day injured list on the first day of registration. Then, they don’t have to use up a 40-man roster.”

The Dodgers has been at the center of the news with aggressive moves during the Stove League. It invested an astronomical amount of money by recruiting Ohtani, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Tyler Glasnow. However, no significant move was made regarding Kershaw.

However, there was no need for doubt given the special bond between Kershaw and the Dodgers. The fact that Kershaw had shoulder surgery itself is an expression of his strong will to extend his active career. If so, it is hard to imagine another option.

A similar process took place even after the 2022 season. The focus of attention was on where his eyes would turn as an FA. A lot of speculation and expectations were posted in the media over his destination. It was in early December, a month later, that the official announcement was made. It is a condition of 20 million dollars per year. The amount includes 5 million dollars in signing bonuses.

There was a lot of talk about this. The period and the amount. No matter how much it is a living legend, it was a whisper that it was too small.

A few days later, the back story of the contract was reported. It was his interview, which was reported through FOX Sports. He said, “It was the day after I lost the TV series. I called Andrew myself. And I said, ‘I’ve already made up my mind. That’s it.”

Therefore, there were many comments on the outside. There was a lot of speculation that he was going to Texas. However, he decided to stay with the Dodgers in the first place. He announced his decision to the club as soon as the season ended.

There is an important point. There was no mention of the period or money. He explains, “First, you choose where to throw. The contract is next. It’s so peaceful to work like this. That’s the way I am.”

FOX Sports asks, “What are your interests then?” The 22nd, who is heading to the Hall of Fame, replies, “Why did we lose the division series? What was lacking? How can we make up for that? I think about that a lot. That’s the most important part.”

This season probably was the same. He is 36 years old, only for the second half of the season. He was so happy to lie down on the operating table to make him the last one. He must be with Chavez Ravine at Dodger Stadium.

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