SF Man’ Lee Jung-hoo responds to surprise visit with ‘surprise’ gift… ‘An unforgettable day with heroes’

San Francisco Giants Lee Jung-hoo visited Kiwoom Camp and had an unforgettable time.라바카지노

Kiwoom Heroes’ spring camp was held at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona on the 6th (Korea time).

After the team meeting, a welcome face appeared behind Kiwoom’s team, which was doing warm-ups.

Lee Jung-hoo, who played with him in a burgundy uniform until last year.

As soon as he got off the cart, Lee Jung-hoo greeted coach Hong Won-ki with a hand-in-hand greeting.

Lee Jung-hoo, who greeted the coaching staff, visited former teammates who were scattered to the training ground respectively.

Lee sat alone in the dugout, waiting for the players who had already begun their training sessions. He stared at the ground holding a wire fence as if he remembered the training session with the players around this time last year. He then filmed the training session on camera.

On this day, Lee Jung-hoo had a great time greeting and talking with Kiwoom players until all training was over.

Lee Jung-hoo made a surprise visit to Kiwoom Training Center

Welcome to Director Hong Won-ki

How have you all been?

Lee Joo-hyung, take care of the Kiwoom outfield

a welcome meeting with old colleagues

I’m happy to meet my old colleagues

I want to save my old colleagues

Lee Jung-hoo is lost in thought as he watches the training

As time passed, Kiwoom players gathered on the ground in front of the restaurant. Song Sung-moon as the team’s representative handed Lee a gift for a video game console. Lee Jung-hoo thanked him, “I hope he plays well for one season without any injuries.” “I will play well in the game.”

Kiwoom pitcher Kim Jae-woong, who was about to take a photo with the players, quickly approached Lee Jung-hoo and congratulated him on entering the Major League by putting a cake on his face. Kiwoom players clapped and cheered for Lee Jung-hoo’s good performance.

Lee Jung-hoo left the training ground with unforgettable memories.

Kiwoom, who cheered for Lee Jung-hoo by delivering gifts

Congratulations on entering ML with a cake

Lee Junghoo, “Thank you, Heroes.”

Lee Jung-hoo asked Kiwoom for a posting before the 2023 season, and applied for a posting to advance to the Major League after last season. Lee Jung-hoo had an operation due to an ankle injury during last season and recorded a batting average of 318 with six home runs and 45 RBIs in 86 games.861.

The San Francisco Giants acquired Lee Jung-hoo with a six-year, 113 million-dollar contract. It is the best contract ever among Korean players who moved to the Major League from the KBO League.

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