Can’t forget last year’s memory… KIA is focusing on ‘preventing injuries’

KIA Tigers, which is holding its first spring camp at Nabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia, is engaged in morning ground and afternoon weight training. The team aims to minimize physical exhaustion while avoiding the hottest time zone.

In particular, Kia conducted weight training and training sessions after dinner on the afternoon of the first turn of the camp. It was a time when the training part, including Park Chang-min, a new conditioning coach who joined the team this winter, guided the players, which was as important as ground training.

There were good reasons. Since the beginning of last year’s season, there have been a number of injuries within the team. For Kia, the entire team played games as a whole less than half of its schedule. As a result, the plan that it had prepared since the spring camp was completely twisted.헤라카지노

A large number of people were injured around mid-September, when the period was the most important for Kia. Key players of the team including Park Chan-ho, Na Sung-bum, and Choi Hyung-woo exited the team one after another, weakening its power and ultimately failing to advance to the postseason by finishing the regular season at sixth place even though Kia posted a winning rate of more than 50 percent with 73 wins, 2 draws, and 69 losses (0.514).

Both the players and the coaches know exactly what the theme of this camp is. They want to prepare for this season without any injuries. “The first goal in camp is to be injury-free, and the second is to strengthen the players’ base,” said pitching coach Chung Jae-hoon, stressing that health is a priority.

Na Sung-bum, an outfielder who was absent for a long time due to injury last year, said, “I felt my recovery slow as I got older. I think I need to take care of my body a little more,” adding, “I’m talking with the training coach about how to finish the season well, and I think it’s good because they prepare customized training.”

As such, the responsibility of the training part is as great as that of the players. “As Kia is a team with good records, I believe that it can achieve its intended goal only when it minimizes the players’ injury, and I am considering various things,” said Park Chang-min, a conditioning coach who moved to Kia after playing for SSG Landers for about nine years.

“It’s not just weight training. Handmade shakes are frequently provided, and we encourage players to eat what they need, and we try not to feel uncomfortable even when it comes to treatment,” he added.

KIA has emerged as a rival to LG Twins, the defending champion, thanks to its old records and new foreign pitchers, even without making significant strides this winter. After all, the key to preventing injury is prevention. Kia should have a good time in this season not to repeat its nightmare like last year. Both its players and training part are exerting all their efforts to maintain their physical condition starting from the spring camp.

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