‘Rehabilitation plant manager’ Kim Ki-dong’s wit, “Should I revive Lingard and go to PL?”

The biggest name of all time will come to the K-League. Jesse Lingard, who played for Manchester United and England, has concluded his contract with FC Seoul. Seoul manager Kim Ki-dong responded tactfully, saying, “I will help Lingard revive.”

“Lyngaard will become a new player for Seoul,” Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, posted on his SNS account on the 7th (Korea Standard Time). The deal has been concluded and will be announced soon. Medical examinations were completed yesterday and all documents have been signed. An official announcement will be made soon,” he added “Here WE GO,” a phrase used when a transfer is imminent.

As Romano stated, Lingard’s transfer negotiations with Seoul are in the final stages. Lingard will immediately move to Kagoshima, Japan, where he will prepare for the new season after signing the contract with Seoul.

Lingard was a former Manchester United youth and has drawn attention since his childhood. Having gained experience through loan spells in Leicester City, Birmingham, Brighton and Derby County, Lingard returned to Manchester United during the 2015-16 season and gradually expanded his presence, and achieved career highs by scoring 13 goals and seven assists, including in the Cup, under Jose Mourinho.

As the seasons progressed, however, he failed to show previous performances and his position diminished. Eventually, Lingard had to leave on loan. He moved to West Ham during the 2020-21 season. Lingard showed off his best skills in the West Ham team. He scored five goals and two assists in the first seven matches of his loan, creating many offensive points. Lingard’s performance continued with the English national team.토토사이트

Lingard, who returned from West Ham, looked forward to a comeback. Contrary to expectations, however, Lingard was not in place. Lingard was pushed out of contention for the starting job as United signed Jadon Sancho into Lingard’s position. Lingard left United after the 2021-22 season.

Lingard moved to Nottingham Forest. The team changed, but the situation didn’t change. Lingard played in 20 games including the Cup, and the average time he played was 55.7 minutes. In fact, he was an out-of-pocket resource. When he was released from Nottingham after the end of the season, he became a free agent. Since then, many clubs have shown interest in Lingard, but he chose a new challenge – the K-League.

When Lingard came to Korea to finalize transfer negotiations with Seoul, he received a lot of attention. In particular, Ulsan, which is training in Kagoshima, Japan, an off-season training site in Seoul, was also interested.

Coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Is it really coming? Is it a rumor? I don’t think our players can play because they have an accident in England. I don’t know what is the special reason for coming to Korea, but I think the recognition of Korean soccer and the K-League has increased that much.”

Ulsan midfielder Ko Seung-beom gave a witty answer. “When I heard it, it was not realistic. I couldn’t believe that a player who played for Manchester United was coming to the K-League, but I thought the K-League got bigger. I even imagined it because we can play together. I’m sure I’ll play in away games, but it’s amazing just by imagining it. I think it’s important to meet your expectations. Still, I think I’ll do well because I’m from the PL,” Ko said.

If Lingard comes to Seoul, it will definitely help the K-League’s box office success. In particular, Lingard is famous for scoring goals and performing fancy ceremonies, and he even got the nickname “The Pied Piper” in Korea.

“We can’t ignore this because we have experience. If we win, we have to stop them,” Ko said with a smile. “I don’t want to see the flute ceremony when we play with our team, and on the contrary, it would be fun for us to play.”

It is a hot topic in Seoul, too. “I’m really curious. I’ve never played with a big-name player before, so I’m curious how well he will perform,” said Seoul’s midfielder Lim Sang-hyup. This player will help promote success in the K-League and increase Seoul’s status. Wouldn’t it be advantageous for me in terms of defense? I want to help my players adjust. Players also talk about things like, “Why are you coming to Korea? Players are also curious.”

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who led veteran players such as Kim Seung-dae, Shin Jin-ho, and Lim Sang-hyup during his Pohang years to their second heyday, also offered to help Lingard revive in the team. Kim said, “I didn’t believe it at first when Lingard was coming. It is becoming a reality little by little, and I want to help him revive in the team because I have something I have. If Lingard is revived, I think the U.K. and Europe will also be interested in him, so should I also advance to the Premier League? I should learn English first,” he said with a witty reply.

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