“I put everything I had”… The national batter “all in” and “resurrecting the Jamsil giant gun” that can no longer be delayed

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop sweated exceptionally during the last offseason.헤라카지노

He finished fifth in the regular season and advanced to the wild card game, but ended in one game.

Lee joined the wrap-up camp in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province. The first task was to revive the “Jamsil giant gun,” although it was also to identify future resources to lead the 2024 season.

Kim Jae-hwan, 36, said, “Lee has been a key player all season. He became the home run king by hitting 44 home runs in 2018, but he is a big hitter who can hit more than 20 home runs consistently.

However, his slump and injury coincided last year, and his batting average remained at 220% in 132 games. He managed to hit double figures with 10 homers.

It was a season when Kim Jae-hwan’s pride was hurt. Lee was with him. Lee is a big hitter in the KBO League who hit 467 home runs while he was active. Lee is still ranked No. 1 in career home runs in the KBO League.

Usually, veterans and key players take a break in the closing camp. Kim Jae-hwan spent a special time with Lee in the closing camp.

He constantly emptied the box and constantly talked about in-depth hitting.

After the closing camp, coach Lee said, “Kim Jae-hwan seems to have changed his mind a lot. Rather than injecting basic things, we conducted it through conversation. He knows that. As I got older and my performance was poor during the season, I practiced a lot of ways, and I couldn’t get to the point.”

Kim Jae-hwan also expressed satisfaction, saying, “The coach put in a lot of time and coached me passionately. I was so honored and thankful for those things. The content was really good for me.” After finishing the closing camp, Kim Jae-hwan also visited Kang Jung-ho in the U.S. for private lessons. Kang’s classroom became more famous last year thanks to Son Ah-seop’s use. Son Ah-seop became the batting champion last year.

The off-season was fiercer than ever for Kim Jae-hwan. Lee hoped that the spring camp would provide him with time to learn the training on his own.

“There is nothing to look at (Kim Jae-hwan in the spring camp). I think I did everything in the fall,” Lee said. “I put everything I have into it.”

There are also difficulties in reality. In the spring camp, the coach has to make a big picture. Kim Jae-hwan’s role is important, but the head coach should check the skills of his backup players. “Now that it is the main camp, I cannot do it because I am in charge of one-on-one like autumn. There are about 42 players, and I have to take care of the players as a whole. It is up to the head coach and the batting coach,” Lee said.

However, the importance of Kim Jae-hwan is still high. Doosan recruited Henry Ramos, a foreign hitter who has high productivity in home runs this season.

If Ramos plays his part and Kim Jae-hwan recovers, Doosan’s batting line will be more structured. As Yang Eui-ji and Yang Seok-hwan are still alive, Doosan’s central batting power is the best in the league.

Doosan ended the season by elevating its ranking from ninth to fifth last year, but Doosan fans were deeply disappointed. There were even boos at the end of the regular season.

This season, Lee aimed to rank fifth or higher. In order for Doosan to see a higher level, it needs to elevate its team’s batting average to ninth place. The key player in the lineup this season is Kim Jae-hwan.

Manager Lee said, “Kim Jae-hwan is in a very important position. We need to make sure that Kim Jae-hwan can perform well somehow. In order for our team to go higher, the role of Kim Jae-hwan is important. I also have a sense of responsibility.”

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