“I’m thinking about quitting baseball… I regained my hope with my determination.” Kim Sa-yoon, who dreams of joining the ‘KIA left-hander kingdom’

KIA Tigers pitcher Kim Sa-yoon (formerly known as Kim Jung-bin) wants to change his name a little later in 2024. Kim thought about quitting baseball in 2023, but has regained hope by adopting a two-seam fastball at the Hampyeong Seunghak School this winter. Now, there is no place to back down from Kim Sa-yoon, who is in his 12th year as a pro. He must join Kia’s left-handed kingdom by 2024.

Kim Sa-yoon, who joined the SK Wyverns as the 28th overall pick in the third round of the rookie in 2013, took the mound in the first division for the first time in two games in the 2017 season. Since then, Kim has played his first full-time season with one win, one loss, and 10 holds in 57 games in the 2020 season.월카지노주소

After playing only six games in the first division in the 2021 season, Kim joined infielder Lim Seok-jin in a trade with catcher Kim Min-sik early in the 2022 season. Kim played in 31 games in the 2022 season with three wins and two holds with an earned run average of 7.00 with 23 strikeouts and 24 walks.

Kim was aiming for a first-team call-up opportunity in the 2023 season when he pitched in 12 games in the Futures League, posting a one-hold ERA of 2.70 with 12 strikeouts and 11 walks. However, Kim was ruled out for the season after undergoing elbow surgery in the middle of the season.

Kim Sa-yoon, who recently met MK Sports at Hampyeong Challengers Field, said, “It’s such a disappointing time to look back. I think it was rather poisonous that I made a big change because of my greed to do well. I tried it until last year and thought about quitting baseball if it didn’t work. If I don’t see my future right now, I don’t know, but I can’t give up easily because my speed is still alive. I believe that if I prepare well without getting sick, I will have a chance and start preparing for the 2024 season.”

The installation of a two-seam fastball proposed by KIA Futures team coach Son Seung-rak came as a great hope for Kim Sa-yoon. He got a hint that he could heal his chronic control anxiety.

Kim Sa-yoon said, “I feel like I’m getting more balanced on the pitch as coach Son Seung-rak tells me. Fastball control was always a problem, but the coach suggested throwing it with a two-seam fastball. When I tried it once, the release point became constant and I even felt like I was scratched by my fingertips. It feels like throwing a four-seam fastball with a two-seam grip, but it fits me well, so I’m satisfied. I feel like I’ve regained hope,” he nodded.

Kim will continue preparing for the 2024 season at the Kochi Futures Spring Camp in Japan, which will start from February 9. Kim seemed to expect the introduction of the automatic ball-strike system to have a positive effect.

Kim Sa-yoon said, “With the introduction of the ABS system, we are going to prepare in Kochi camp in a way that targets the top and bottom courses rather than the left and right. It seems to be a direction that can reduce the ratio of walks to strikeouts. I was sensitive to ball decisions because there was a perception that my control was bad, but I think the ABS system will definitely help manage my mind. The pitch speed is fast, so the introduction of pitch clock seems not to be a big problem. Of course, my top priority is to finish the Kochi camp without injury,” he stressed.

“I believe that if I continue to pitch, I will have a chance,” Kim said. “All left-handers in our team are certainly good. Still, if I fail to win this competition, I believe the same will be true elsewhere. If I overcome this competition, my value will grow that much bigger. Above all, I feel sorry that I could not meet the expectations of Kia fans who had high expectations through the trade. I want to become a player who greatly contributes to the team’s victory this year.

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