We need to create a reason to invest.” Why FC Seoul was able to bring Lingard in

This is the team’s management philosophy that FC Seoul’s general manager Yoo Seong-han has. It was because of General Manager Yoo Seong-han and GS Sports’ quick determination and execution that enabled him to bring in Jesse Lingard, the highest “name value” in K-League history.토토사이트

One of the biggest names in K-League history, Lingard, has joined FC Seoul. FC Seoul officially announced the recruitment of Lingard through its official channel on Tuesday, saying that FC Seoul has recruited Jesse Lingard, a striker who was a former member of the English national team.

Lingard, who signed a contract with Seoul, said, “I want to be at the center of the K-League stage as soon as possible by showing a good performance with a commitment to the team and a mature attitude with respect for Korean soccer. I will make an effort to be of great help to the aggressive tactics of Kim Ki-dong, who was appointed this season, and to be of great help to the team.”

Lingard needs no explanation. He scored 29 goals and 14 assists in 182 matches in the English Premier League, one of the best leagues in the world, through Manchester United, West Ham United and Nottingham Forest. With multi-player resources capable of playing both offensive midfielders and wing forwards, Lingard was selected to the England national team in 2016 and made his A-match debut. Notably, he scored one goal and two assists at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, leading England to the semifinals.

In fact, Lingard’s name began to appear in the K-League transfer market last summer. At the time, I thought the feasibility was close to “0%,” but FC Seoul was interested in this near-impossible task.

GS Sports, in particular, moved quickly when the possibility of recruiting Lingard became concrete. It sent coach Park Hyuk-soon and pro Kim Do-hyun, who are team scouts, to Manchester, England to check Lingard’s skills and get an OK sign. A Seoul official said, “There was a calculation that he clearly had something while checking Lingard’s physical condition, and that it would work well even if only some of what he showed in the K-League.” Lingard’s physical condition was not bad.

From then on, it was important to persuade the parent company. GS Sports CEO Yeo Eun-joo and General Manager Yoo Seong-han immediately started recruiting Lingard, and persuaded GS Group, noting that they could capture both soccer and marketing. As a result, they were able to quickly sit at the negotiating table with Lingard, eventually making the greatest transfer ever.

In response, Seoul explained, “Marketingly, Lingard’s ripple effect is expected to greatly expand the size of the K-League industry, so we plan to do our best to prepare for related activities.”

Lingard was also serious in negotiations with Seoul and actively cooperated in all the processes. In fact, Lingard’s negotiation process was longer than expected, triggering time to produce official photos and videos. Lingard entered Korea on the 5th and conducted a medical test on the 6th, and was able to conclude negotiations only in the late evening of the 7th. For this reason, there was absolutely not enough time to take photos and videos until 10 a.m. on the 8th when the official release came out.

However, Lingard’s active cooperation enabled us to finish the work quickly. “As the contract was concluded yesterday evening, we had no choice but to film the official video in a hurry, but I think the video was quite satisfying,” said a Seoul official who met in Kagoshima, Japan, the site of the second winter training camp. “Lingard’s official video was filmed at GS Tower where the GS Group’s headquarters is located.”

The official added, “Lingard was also able to quickly work on the video, willingly cooperating with the filming even though it was early in the morning. In addition, Lingard was able to release high-quality videos to fans by providing his childhood photos to the club.”

As everything matched perfectly, we were able to recruit the “big name” Lingard. Notably, GS Sports and Yoo Seong-han made quick decisions and implementation in the process. “We are having conversations with sponsors and spectators through sports. We need to understand how they view issues in and out of the stadium. If you don’t look at them, you become a frog in a well. We all need to get out of the well quickly,” Yoo said. “We need to move out of the well and share the club’s philosophy with GS Sports.”

“Will companies continue to spend tens of billions of won every year? Instead of asking them why they don’t invest, we need to come up with reasons to invest and present them to them.” We need to think objectively about why we need to receive investment and love. We can leave the content of soccer to the coaches and players. The front desk and I will give a direction and goal to play sophisticated soccer that FC Seoul aims for, and make plans for a circular structure in the future,” he said explaining his team’s management philosophy. After much thought, Lingard was the answer.

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