‘WS Winning Hero’ Garcia Avoided Salary Adjustment… Completes Up to 27 Billion Two-Year Deal with Texas

Adolis Garcia (30) avoided salary adjustment and signed a salary contract with the Texas Rangers.마카오토토도메인

“Texas signed a two-year contract with Garcia,” the official major league website MLB.com said on Sunday (Korea time). The deal is worth 14 million U.S. dollars. If the deal includes various incentives, the team can receive up to 2.05 million dollars. 

Garcia Garcia can make another salary adjustment after the 2025 season. He will become an FA after the 2026 season.

Texas was the winner of last year’s World Series. It also received a big bonus. However, Garcia, who played well last season, had a friction during salary negotiations. Garcia wanted 6.9 million dollars in annual salary, but the Texas team offered 5 million dollars. As a result, the team was set to adjust its annual salary.

A salary adjustment committee was scheduled to be held on the same day, and it was possible to shake off the resentment by joining the contract dramatically.

Garcia Garcia had a batting average of 0.245 to 39 homers and 107 RBIs in 148 games last season. He had the best year this year, recording an on-base hit ratio of 0.328 with a 0.508 OPS of 0.836. Thanks to his stellar performance, he was named one of the “Gold Gloves” in the All-Star and Outfielder categories. 

He enjoyed stellar performance in the postseason, in particular. He posted a batting average of 0.323 with eight homers and 22 RBIs in 15 games with an OPS of 1.108. He was named the MVP of the American League Championship Series, as he drew five arches including four consecutive home runs.

He continued the momentum until Game 1 of the World Series. Garcia hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 11th inning to secure the win. However, he suffered a radiative muscle injury in Game 4 and left the game.

“I feel great, and I’m still very happy and proud of what my team was able to win,” Garcia said at a recent fan festival. “I’m looking forward to next year and I want to help my team repeat that.”

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