“I want to build muscles like Na Sung-bum.” KIA 24-year-old first baseman’s surprise confession… Na School Effect? “Afternoon Discovery”

This is a surprising confession. Kia Tigers’ rising star Byun Woo-hyuk (24) is obsessed with weight training because he wants to have a solid body like Na Sung-bum (35). “I had fun today. I want to do well,” he said at the Narrabunda Ball Park in Canberra, Australia on Tuesday.헤라카지노

KIA will have breakfast in the early morning and start training early in the morning. It finishes its part-timer meeting before 9 o’clock and starts training. After finishing training around 12 o’clock, the team members leave the room “coolly” after lunch. However, this is not the end. Players generally engage in weight training at a private training center near the club’s lodging in the afternoon.

The strongest player in the competition is Na. He said he usually gets treatment with help from his training coach in the afternoon, but he says he doesn’t waste time training and protecting his body. With the strongest body among KBO leaguers, Na is also famous for weight training experts. He can be seen as a rival to singer Kim Jong-kook.

Kim Do-young and Choi Won-jun have already become the first and second students of “Na-School.” However, Byun Woo-hyuk is the one who fell in love with Nas-cool without having to join Nas-cool. “I’ve been doing weight training hard since late last year to build muscles like Na Sung-bum,” Byun said.

Byun Woo-hyuk changed the concept of weight training after seeing Na Sung-bum’s weight training. “Na always hit the maximum weight. I thought it was good to have moderate weight, so I only did it with moderate weight. But I found that it didn’t help my muscles develop,” he said.

I personally experienced that weight training needs to be done with the maximum weight to strengthen muscle strength like Na Sung-bum. This was not taught by Na Sung-bum. It should be considered the result of learning over the shoulder while playing on a team with Na Sung-bum. Byun Woo-hyuk said, “Na Sung-bum never taught me.”

Byun added fun to weight training due to his “Nascool” effect. For sports athletes, weight training has the effect of strengthening and maintaining muscle strength as well as preventing injury. Some studies have shown that strengthening and maintaining muscle strength is effective in preventing various adult diseases.

To Byun, it is the so-called “afternoon discovery.” He confided that he is focusing on simple batting performance in last year’s closing camp and this spring camp. As a big hitter, his biggest strength is home run production, but he also believed that he can grow into a big hitter only when his average score comes with him. Instead, he does not neglect weight training to prepare for the final stage of being a big hitter first baseman. This is how “Nascool” effect is.

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