“Lyngaard’s career and opportunity are wasted… I’m abandoning time and talent.” Bad gaze on entering the K-League stage! 英 expert’s point out

There is also a view that Jesse Lingard’s advance to the K-League stage is not a good thing.토토사이트

Lingard was a former Manchester United youth player. Since his debut as a professional player, he has shown off his presence by flashing every opportunity.

In particular, he was nicknamed a man who plays the flute by performing a unique ceremony after scoring.

Lingard also joined the England national team thanks to his performance. He was evaluated for his excellent movement when he did not own the ball.

Lingard’s position at Manchester United has been reduced with less-than-expected performances. He moved around the rental life to change the atmosphere.

Lingard returned to Manchester United after finishing his loan spell at West Ham United, but failed to achieve anything and parted ways.

Lingard ended his contract with Manchester United after recording 35 goals in 232 games. He later moved to Nottingham Forest. His treatment was exceptional, with his weekly salary of 300 million.

Lingard said, “It was hard to sit on the bench in Manchester United. I thought the transfer to Nottingham would be of great help,” signaling a change of mood.

However, performance was also below expectations at Nottingham. With the contract expiring at the end of the 2022/23 season, the company announced the end of the accompaniment, not an extension.

Lingard was also linked to Barcelona when he was looking for a destination.

Barcelona was looking for a replacement for Gavi, who was out of the season due to a ruptured cruciate ligament, when Lingard offered to transfer.

Spanish media “Sport” also mentioned that “Lyngaard made a low-level offer to Barcelona.”

However, Barcelona had an obstacle. It has reached a level where it is impossible to recruit players due to financial fair play (FFP) regulations. Recruitment is impossible without existing resources such as release.

Coach Xavi Hernandez said, “We need to think realistically. It would be nice to have new resources, but it is no longer possible to register as a player.”

Lingard’s transfer to Barcelona failed. As he conducted his training alone, he continued to search for his destination.

“Lingard is focusing on training alone in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) without a team,” Sport said.

Lingard was also reconnected with West Ham, who had a loan relationship. He also trained together, and David Moyes reportedly paid attention to it.

“Lyngaard didn’t play much. His physical condition is definitely coming up. If he recovers completely, he will seriously consider recruiting,” Moyes said.

However, there was no reunion between Lingard and West Ham. Still in an invincible state, he was eager to find a destination.

The Saudi Arabian League also showed interest in Lingard.

The Saudi Arabian League is very popular. It is considered one of the final stages of a superstar’s career as he can earn a huge salary.

With the strong love call of the Saudi Arabian League, a large number of players who are still competitive on the European stage are joining, not in the twilight of their careers.

The Saudi Arabian League was eager to recruit superstars as if it were competing, and a super-luxury corps began to be built.

Starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar was on fire as he headed to the stage in Saudi Arabia.

The Premier League (PL) stage was also helpless by Saudi Arabia’s oil money raid, with N’Golo Kante, Kalidou Koulibaly, Edouard Mendy, Roberto Firmino, Huveng Neves, Fabinho, Riyad Mahrez and Jordan Henderson falling for the temptation of oil money.

The Saudi Arabian League’s collection of PL superstars has not stopped. They seem to be constantly sending love calls to Salah.

The Saudi Arabian league’s willingness to collect superstars turned to Lingard and rumors of a transfer rose, but no significant progress was made.

In the meantime, it was connected to the K League. Seoul is being discussed as the destination. Attention is focusing on the official’s admission that he is “negotiating.”

Seoul was led by Kim Ki-dong ahead of this season. Attention is being paid to Pohang as it displays tremendous tactics and leadership.

Under coach Kim Ki-dong, Seoul is considered the top target for caution this season.

With Seoul predicting a major rebound, the possibility of recruiting Lingard from Manchester United in the Premier League (PL) is raised.

The news of Lingard’s advance to the K-League stage was also interested in the local area.

“Jessie Lingard’s transfer to Seoul is imminent. We are close to the final stage,” said Sky Sports of the U.K.

He added, “I received offers from the stages of Saudi Arabia and Turkiye, but I chose the K-League stage.”

British public broadcaster BBC reported that “Lyngaard is positively considering Seoul’s offer. He has been offered a contract worth two years.”

The British ‘The Athletic’ also highlighted, “Lyngaard is about to move to Seoul. The process remains, but we will sign a contract when it is completed.”

Fabrizio Romano, a reporter familiar with the situation of the European transfer market, mentioned news about Lingard’s future on his SNS on the 2nd.

Romano said, “Lyngaard is signing with FC Seoul, South Korea. A transfer is imminent.

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