What will happen to the stadium when spring comes

The KBO League started its spring camp on Feb. 1. Although February is still winter, the team got the name because it started spring training in a warm region. Camps are generally bright. They have high expectations for next season. The spring camp is a period of optimism for baseball teams and their fans. The reason for optimism is the strengthening of players’ capabilities that they have played in the “stove league” in winter. The list of events that happened in the stove league is organized according to items.

A total of 13 new foreign players made their debut this year. Each team can have three players each, which translates into 43.3 percent replacement rate. Foreign players make up a large portion of the KBO League. Last year, foreign players accounted for an average of 22.6 percent of the total number of WAR players among the 10 teams. Given that Japanese professional baseball (NPB) stands at around 8 percent, KBO league teams are highly dependent on foreign players.월카지노

Among the 13 new foreign players, four are fielders. The player that I am most interested in is Mel Rojas Jr. who returned to KT. He played in the Mexican League last year after showing poor performance at NPB Hanshin from 2021 to 2022. He was named the MVP of the KBO League with 1.097 on-base plus slugging (OPS) in 2020. Outfielder Jonathan Ferlasa of Hanwha Eagles and Victor Reyes of Lotte Giants are also important. Hanwha is the only team whose foreign fielder WAR recorded minus 0.87 wins last year. The league average was 2.67 wins. Outfielder Ferlasa has no experience in the Major League, but he is a slugger with 23 home runs and an OPS of 0.922 among Triple-A players last year. After Lee Dae-ho’s retirement, Lotte’s center of batting disappeared. Last year, the total fielder WAR was at the bottom of the 10 teams with 14.21 wins. Reyes boasts of playing in 394 games in five seasons in the Major League.

Foreign pitchers are usually the starting ace and the second starting pitcher in KBO league teams. NC lost its ace, Eric Peddy, in the offseason. Peddy made a triumphant comeback to the Major League by signing a two-year, 15 million-dollar contract with the Chicago White Sox. NC has newly hired Daniel Castano and Kyle Hart, but 2023 league MVP Peddy is largely absent. Samsung broke up with David Buchanan, who won 54 games during the four seasons. These two teams are the only ones that replaced all three foreign players, including the fielder. Among the two pitchers, an ace should be in the lineup. KIA was at the bottom of the league with a combined WAR of 0.85 wins last year. The gap was also wide with ninth-ranked SSG (4.95). This year, the two spots will be filled with new faces including Will Crowe and James Nail.

A total of 34 players are eligible for FA status after completing the 2023 season. Among them, 19 applied for FA status. The largest contractor is Oh Ji-hwan, who signed a six-year 12.4 billion won contract with LG. It is also the largest in the history of shortstop FA. However, Oh already signed a contract with the same amount during the same period (2024-2029) as a non-FA player after the 2022 season. This is the case when his team LG revoked and renewed its existing contract to increase the number of protected players in the off-season. FA players are not eligible for protected players, which is applied to FA contracts or the second draft. Critics say that it is a trick, but others say that it demonstrated its creativity by making good use of the rules.

After Oh Ji-hwan, Yang Seok-hwan (4+2) made big-money deals with 7.8 billion won (4,240 dollars), An Chi-hong (4,240 dollars), Kim Jae-yoon (Samsung) made 5.8 billion won (4, LG) made 5 billion won (4,240 dollars). The market has not been as hot as in previous years. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has allowed non-FA multi-year contracts since November 2021. Since then, Oh Ji-hwan, SSG Kim Kwang-hyun (4, 15.1 billion won), NC Koo Chang-mo (6, 12.5 billion won), Samsung Koo Ja-wook (5, 12 billion won, and Lotte Park Se-woong (5, 9 billion won) have signed large-scale contracts without becoming an FA. As it takes a long time to apply for FA qualification, it is advantageous for a player to make a long-term contract when he is younger.

Of the 19 FA contracts, only three have changed their teams. Infielder An Chi-hong has transferred from Lotte to Hanwha. An Chi-hong played 93 games as second baseman and 34 games as first baseman last year, recording 2.75 wins in WAR. Hanwha, which ranked ninth in WAR last year with 0.59 wins, has strengthened its weakness with the addition of An Chi-hong. Lotte, which was eighth with 1.20 wins, urgently needs to reinforce this position. Samsung recruited Kim Jae-yoon (2.86 wins), a closer of KT, and Lim Chang-min (1.89 wins) as relief pitchers. Last year, Samsung was the only team in the league that posted five earned runs in relief. Recruiting two relief pitchers also relieves burden on Oh Seung-hwan, a franchise star who turns 42 this year. Oh signed a two-year FA contract this off-season.

The second draft opens up transfer opportunities for players who are not given the chance to play. Except for 35 protected players in different teams, players are eligible. It was held for the sixth time on Nov. 22 last year, and a total of 22 players will be wearing new uniforms.

In the second draft, a number of veteran players with illustrious careers were selected. Outfielder Kim Kang-min, who was planning to retire from the SSG after last year, was summoned by the Hanwha Eagles and decided to spend his 24th season. Hanwha, which has many young players, has high expectations for veteran leadership from Kim. Reliever Woo Kyu-min, who recorded 82 wins, 90 saves and 106 holds overall, transferred to KT. Lotte recruited two infielders, Oh Sun-jin from Hanwha and Choi Hang from SSG. Oh recorded the highest WAR (0.80 wins) last year among the players selected in the second draft.

The KBO League rarely trades compared to the Major League. There were only three off-season trades. Lotte, under the new general manager Park Joon-hyuk, made two. On Nov. 26, last year, left-handed pitcher Jin Hae-soo was selected in the fifth round of the rookie draft from LG.

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