Ichiro Cano Hernandez, Mexico’s rising star, why is Ichiro?

Major League Baseball’s official media MLB.com introduced a prospect with a unique name on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “A prospect from Mexico who signed with Cincinnati this week attracted a lot of attention.”마카오토토도메인

Cincinnati signed a contract with Ichiro Cano Hernandez, a third baseman on the switch-hitter, on the 7th. Hernandez turned 19 in the last eight days. MLB.com noted Hernandez’s unusual name, saying, “Perhaps when you first heard his name, people thought he named it in honor of the player who left a huge mark in the baseball world.”

Ichiro Kano Hernandez’s name is similar to that of a famous baseball player. Ichiro is the same as Suzuki Ichiro, one of the best fielders in Japanese history along with Shohei Ohtani. The middle name is Kano, who showed good performance in the Major League, and Hernandez is a common surname in Latin America, and there are many “Hernandez” who played in the Major League.

Ichiro Suzuki had a batting average of .353 in 951 games in the Japanese professional baseball league (1,278 hits in 3619 at-bats) 118 homers, 529 RBIs, 658 runs scored and 199 steals OPS.943, and a batting average of .31 in 2,653 games in the Major League (3,089 hits in 9,934 at-bats) 117 homers, 780 RBIs, 1,420 runs scored and 509 steals OPS.757. When he made his Major League debut in 2001, he won the American League Rookie of the Year award and the MVP award at the same time, and recorded 262 hits in 2004, setting a new record for single-season hits in the Major League history. He was named the All-Star for 10 consecutive years from 2001 to 2010, won the Gold Glove award, and Silver Slugger won the award three times.

Robinson Cano had a batting average of .335 with 1,306 RBIs, 1,262 runs scored and 51 stolen bases in 2,267 games in the Major League. He made his name as a second baseman representing the Major League, but he ended his career in 2022 in a humble manner as he was caught taking banned substances in 2018.

There are still many players with the last name of Hernandez, including Enrique Hernandez, César Hernandez and Teoscar Hernandez of the Dodgers, but the most famous of them is definitely Felix Hernandez. Felix Hernandez, who debuted in the Major League in 2005 with the Seattle Mariners, recorded 169 wins, 136 losses and an ERA of 3.42, in 169 games (2,729 ⅔ innings). He won the Cy Young Award in 2010 and was named the All-Star six times. He won the American League’s ERA title in 2010 and 2014.

MLB.com explained, “Ichiro Kano Hernandez is not named after Ichiro Suzuki.” Hernandez said, “My name is after my father’s Japanese friend, a surfer named Ichiro. My father’s name is Eugenio. Both my father and his friend wanted to have a son and decided to name each other after each other when they had a son someday. My father named me after my friend, and my father’s friend named my son after my father.”

“Honandez from San Jose del Cabo, located on Mexico’s Pacific coast, started his professional career in 2022 at the age of 17 with his debut with Diablos Lohos in the Mexican League,” MLB.com said. “He played in the Winter League in Culiacan and was selected for the U-18 Mexico national team, gaining experience in international competitions.”

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