SSG 2nd Army, Spring Camp in Taiwan… Strengthen Exchange in the same Place as the 1st Army

The SSG Landers Futures (second-tier) team announced on the 12th that it will hold a spring camp in Zai, Taiwan, from the 15th to the 10th of next month.노래방알바

It is the first time in four years since 2020 that the SSG Futures team will engage in overseas training ahead of the regular season.

11 coaches and 19 players, including SSG Futures team coach Son Si-heon, will participate.

Pitchers Park Ki-ho, Yoon Sung-bo, Choi Hyun-seok, catcher Kim Kyu-min, infielders Park Ji-hwan and Jung Joon-jae, and outfielders Lee Seung-min and Jung Hyun-seung were invited as rookies in the 2024 season.

Coach Son Si-heon said, “We will focus on training team tactics and raising the players’ sense of practice,” adding, “We will work with the coaches to ensure that there are many promising players to pay attention to when the first team players join.”

This training site is the same as the second spring camp site for first-team players.

The first-team squad began its spring camp in Florida on the 1st, and will play a warm-up match with local clubs in Taiwan from the 25th to the 7th of next month.

SSG explained, “We will use the same campground to strengthen the movement and exchange of players between the first and second teams,” adding, “The Futures team will also have a total of five practice games with the Taiwanese professional baseball team.”

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